• Overworking Causes Workers to be Tired and Worn Down

    I believe that working overtime is detrimental to one's health. This is because, the longer you work, the more likely you are to make mistakes that are harmful to yourself. Also it decreases productivity, making you unreliable to your employer. Overworking yourself can also lead to chronic stress that has a major efect on your body in an adverse way.

  • A regular work week is enough for most people

    Most people work 4o hours a week, with coffee breaks and a lunch break. From the time people are 6 years old, they learn to live with structure and schedules. By the time people reach adulthood and have graduated college, people determine the path they wish to take - what career they choose, and the amount of time they wish to work. Many older people work part-time or freelance because they have health restrictions or family obligations. It's about finding the right work-life balance. Then there are workaholics, people who work every day, sometimes on weekends, rarely take vacations, and revel in working overtime, shifts in which they can earn overtime. The chance to earn additional money is enticing. If people go about this for too long, they will become ill. The body experiences stress, and the person's immune system suffers making him prone to illness. First, it starts as lightheadedness and dizziness. Then the illness proceeds to become a cold or flu. Eventually, there could be chronic illnesses. If people don't take time off to relax or exercise, they will become very ill. Companies should be aware of these workaholics, and companies should restrict the amount of hours any individual can work at the office or workplace.

  • Yes, working overtime contributes to poor health.

    Working overtime does not give people enough time to relax or to handle other responsibilities throughout the week. When people are hard-pressed for time, they may not get adequate sleep, which is linked to poor concentration and greater health risks. Long work hours also make it more difficult to get good nutrition, as people are often forced to grab fast food or snacks from the vending machine instead of a wholesome meal. Furthermore, long hours at work means less time with friends and family, which contributes to higher stress levels. Anything that increases stress, such as working overtime, is likely to increase health problems.

  • Balance is key.

    Working overtime and the lack of vacations that most Americans take is certainly a factor in our declining health. Balance is necessary in every area of life. If you are always working, it affects you negatively both emotionally and physically, especially if you are sitting at a desk instead of being active.

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