• Resources Spread Thin

    I do believe world hunger is a growing problem today. It is obvious that resources are spread thin and many people in the world are not able to obtain the nutrition they need and deserve. While some people may attribute this to other countries, I think Americans need to also think of their low-waged peers, who have yet to receive a raise and are affected by every little change. Especially the recent pull back in the food stamp program.

  • Hunger in general has always been a problem

    Yes, I think that world hunger is a growing problem; it has been growing since the beginning of time. There will never be enough food for everyone because those that have a lot are not will to give any up. The more food available, the more those that have want. When we become a more unselfish species hunger will not be such a big problem.

  • Yes, I believe world hunger is a a growing problem in the world today.

    I believe that world hunger is an issue that needs to be focused upon by nations capable of helping out, there needs to be clear and concise organization and how any aid is actually being used, I believe with good oversight and a enough willpower then the world can gradually solve world hunger.

  • Yes, world hunger is a problem today.

    I think as the population continues to grow, so will the issue of world hunger. I think that it is a bigger problem today than it was years ago. That is why it is important for nations to figure out a way to solve this problem in order to help those affected.

  • No bad ways

    Today it is widely known by many that the world has enough food to feed every single person on this earth no matter in the world where they are at. People are going hunger manly because of the options that States (countries) across the world do with their policies for their people.

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