• Would someone lie about something like this?

    It would take a sick individual with no interest in life at all to create a documentary that involves the falsification of a shark. I am sure that this is real. There is no reason to believe that mankind could ever be so depraved as to make something that was obviously fake.

  • Not Enough Evidence to Support Shark Week Documentary

    I only caught part of this documentary during Shark Week, but I question it's authenticity. I Googled Hout Bay, and I could find any record of the event. Many of the details presented seemed flawed or inaccurate. And the "characters" seemed like just that - actors. From what I saw, "Wrath of Submarine" seemed more like a mockumentary.

  • Yes it is fake

    I think that Wrath Of Submarine is definitely fake. I feel that if it was real that they would come out and show more proof. They would be showing more evidence that it definitely happened and trying to deflect all the negative comments. I would need to see much more proof to believe it is real.

  • Yes, The "Wrath of Submarine" is fake.

    Discovery channel does this every year , for the rating. No, shark has ever been found that size. They do this every year, for " shark week" . The locals believe it"s a shark , no proof. Anyway its fun to watch , for the family , so if you don't believe change the channel.

  • Yes, it is.

    I think that most things they show during shark week are actually completely fabricated to get viewers to tune in. It even says before the first scene is shown that some of the events may have been over dramatized and that the existance of this even is highly controversial. This proves it isn't real.

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Formerland1 says2014-08-11T17:45:32.733
This caught my intrest I will have to watch it now , sigh yet another thing on my list .