Is Yagami Light from the anime Death Note evil?

Asked by: Romanii
  • He's a loon

    Light has a superiority complex and desires to eradicate the world of people who commit crimes. What's ironic is that on the way to cleansing the world of evil he becomes just as bad, if not worse, than those who he hates the most: criminals. Also, what about people who have been convicted but are innocent... Light definitely could have killed innocent men who were incarcerated, the fucking idiot. I personally cannot stand Light and I find him a hypocritically sociopath with a lust for power: a very dangerous combination.

  • Light is evil from the beginning.

    Although his intentions appear noble on the surface, what Light truly wants from the beginning is power and control. Before he even receives his Death Note, he wishes that people he deems "evil" would die. Once he gets his Death Note and realizes its true power, he never backs down. Also in the first episode, he already has the desire to rule as a god. He maintains this goal to the very end. As early as the second episode, he shows no hesitation in wanting to kill L, who has committed no crime, all because his stand-in called Light's actions "evil."

    Furthermore, throughout the series, he manipulates people into doing what he wants, without remorse. He is a textbook sociopath. He wants to kill everyone who stands in his way, even if they have committed no crimes. Forcefully taking lives, even if they "deserve" it, is still murder. And no one has murdered more people than Light Yagami.

  • Twisted sense of justice

    I never thought that Light himself was good, since he very quickly revels that he thinks that he has the right and the ability to become God. God, in my eyes, is supposed to be a loving a forgiving omnipotent creator of existence, Light... Is a highly intelligent young adult who found a book that lets him kill people.
    To be fair, besides the God thing, I thought that Light had very good intentions and could arguably be doing the right thing, since his actions reduce crime, but all faith I had in his intentions were gone when he killed the FBI agent that was following him. He also tried to kill L as soon as he simply said that Kira's actions are evil. If he truly valued justice, then wouldn't that at least mean he values the lives of people who obey the law? No, he doesn't.
    By killing that FBI agent, Light showed that if anyone even risked opposing him, he will kill them as soon as he possibly could.
    He at least has some compassion for his family, but even that is very minimal, do to being completely fine with his own father's death, the death of the man who raised him and loved him unconditionally. He then makes no attempts at helping his mother and sister coup with this loss, in fact, he seems to have simply, without so much as a word, severed all ties with them.
    In my eyes, as soon as he killed the FBI agents, Light Yagami proved himself to just be a psychotic serial killer who used the excuse that "Since I am God, that means all people that I kill are evil and I am doing a good thing by killing them." But as soon as someone tries to stop him from taking the lives of others, he'll just kill them too, despite them usually just being good people who don't want to see others die. In fact, with how much he likes to taunt, laugh and smile at these peoples' deaths, I would argue that these are the people he enjoys killing the most. Basically, he's just a guy who likes killing others, so he wets his appetite for death by killing criminals, but he especially enjoys killing those that want to stop him from killing.
    In the end, I think Light committed the two most evil acts that someone can: Murder and the removal of freewill by killing everyone that go outside of his twisted views for the world.

  • Ryuk said it himself.

    Ryuk even said himself when he found Light with the death note "youve grown quite a liking to it'' he even said that misfortune comes to those who use it, and according to the game Light played that whoever wins is right he lost. So even according to light himself is wrong

  • What is evil?

    Leading the world to be perfect? A world where he has the all of the power. Absolute power corrupts. Even though he is ridding the world of many terrible people, absolute judgment should not lie with one mortal. Humans are the ones who truly have the power to make a better world. That, or we do rot. But, it shouldn't be left to one person.

  • He was clearly power-hungry

    Getting rid of killers... By killing them? That's a pretty twisted sense of logic. Not only that, he was willing to kill everyone in his way. Many people must have been afraid of him. That's not peace, it's tyranny. Ever since the first episode, Light said he wanted to become god, wanted people to recognize him. No person with a true intention of justice would seek that kind of power. If Light was both sane and intelligent, rather than only intelligent, he would've realized that killing criminals would not have created peace. Honestly, I think there is a very fine line between evil and insane... Light crossed that line as the series progressed, hence the "psycho" part, but I believe he was evil from the start.

  • He's a sociopath.

    Light Yagami has repeatedly demonstrated sociopathic tendencies. He is willing to kill people for personal gain, he sells out his allies when they are no longer useful (just ask Takada), he kills policemen when they stumble onto his little secret, he blatantly manipulates people, and to top it off, he fails.

  • Just watch the last scene from the last episode

    That laugh... He's obviously insane. Yes he started out with good intentions but he quickly turned into a self-righteous a$$hole. Seriously, killing criminals who're already in jail? That is just unnecessary. He's a good guy by his own definition but in general he's just obsessed with power, and his own ethics, and uses his power to force all this onto other people. Look at his followers, they're all insane too! They all experience something that made them hate criminals, and became obsessed the same way Light did. And if you were one of those followers but you weren't useful, he would KILL YOU! And then sleep like a baby, because it was "all in the name of justice".

  • The end doesn't justify the means

    Yes, he had a good goal in mind, but he became power-hungry and begun killing people not for the good of the world but just so he can keep his power.
    No one can say that using Misa (albeit she's stupid) and other women to his own end is a good thing to do. What good person kills the world's best detective that solves crimes? Or His own father, who's a paragon of a good, brave cop, not to mention that it was his own flesh and blood old man that cared for him and never abused him?

  • Not at first but...

    Well, at first he believed what he doing was right, but after awhile he just got... Corrupted. He started killing innocent people. He was very smart, he could of found a way to avoid detection without killing the police force and all those other people. Plus, he killed L... :(

  • Not quite evil.

    He wasn't evil, he just went a bit insane at the end.
    Insane isn't evil though.
    His end goal was good and he stopped wars and made world peace, as well as lowering crime rates 70%. He did kill people, but less that wars would have. He couldn't have done it another way.
    Its true he saw himself as god, but it was always metaphorically. He still planned excellently because he knew he couldn't just win by willing it, as god could. He just felt like he was chosen because he was the most capable.

  • I don't think so

    He is not because in the anime all he wanted was a better world to live in, and to keep crime rates low. Also the people he has killed were the people who were in jail of committing crimes. Those criminals for whatever reason should not be doing bad things, because there are other ways to solve problems, I am not say that Light is evil but he could of thought of a better way to make his "ideal" world better without killing.

  • He was the victim, even perhaps the martyr he described himself as

    Light Yagami was an admirable person. He was a model citizen, loved his family, worked hard, and always wanted to help people. He wanted the world to be a better place. He had so much empathy in the beginning that he felt the rottenness of the world very deeply despite not being personally affected. He was the model of a healthy, good person. Then, the death note happened. The Death Note that came from another realm. Undoubtedly it had to be created by satan (who may have been the Shimigami king) or whichever ultimate evil being you imagine. This means that fictional or not, the ultimate evil power in the universe is in that book. Anyone who discovers it alone is subject to be corrupted by the book, not at their own fault either. It is the death note and Shinigami that are evil, not light. It is this dark underworld's power that created Kira using Light's body and mind. He wanted so badly to fight for justice. That was his life's mission and his desire to become a detective proved it. Now, think about your life's mission? If you found a way you thought could bring that about with ease, would it not be tempting to use it? All Light wanted was a better world for moral and loving people like he was before Kira consumed him. He had no real desire for anything else, so ultimately that is what he would do anything for, just like a businessman might do anything for money. Light Yagami came back when he lost his memories, proving to me that he was an amazing and moral and good person. The underworld created Kira, Kira was in sorts a demonic possesion of Light. Not Light himself. I have seen arguments that Light was very immature to not realize he himself would become a bad guy, but I think Light figured someone had to do it. He figured the only way to world peace was for him to bring it about, so he gave up his mind, heart, and then his life. I think in his final moments Light came back, and since the personalities of Light and Kira shared the same body he died along with Kira. I think he knew this, he sacraficed himself for it all. I was very saddened at the end and I wish the series could have ended with all memories of the death note erased. The death note was Kira, not light. In the end, Kira was not the only murderer, so were all the detectives involved. He only needed to be stripped of the death note completely like he was in confinement and Kira would have died and Light could have lived. I do not believe any human being is immune to what happened to Light, we are human after all and not God.

  • He is the good guy

    He saved much more people Than he killed , by decreasing crime rate by 70%. I dont see him as insane either. I think his laugh is a alegory , Just like his red eyes. The people that stopped him are guilty for all the deaths in the Extra murders that Begin to happen after kiras death.

  • He is the good guy

    He saved much more people Than he killed , by decreasing crime rate by 70%. I dont see him as insane either. I think his laugh is a alegory , Just like his red eyes. The people that stopped him are guilty for all the deaths in the Extra murders that Begin to happen after kiras death.

  • No he wasn't Evil

    Light knew he was the only one who could do it, he knew it would corrupt him but he did it for the sake of everyone else,Donyou think anyone else like higuchi would do the same thing no he would all care about making money and endorsing fame to That shithole Yotsuba" but maybe light went a bit over board in the ending he could have avoided all trouble AND NOT DIE if he just didn't kill people who were innocent, had very minor crimes or were already in jail thank you for Reading my opinion

  • If not him, who?

    Imagine another guy like Higuchi came across the Death Note and used it for making profits, for his own benefit: money. Yes, Light did use the Death Note for his satisfaction; however, it is not the satisfaction of killing, but of winning! He does not laugh simply because of killing a person. He laughs everytime he wins a well-planned brainstorming. And it is totally acceptable for a quite-megalomania genius, isn't it? If it was not Light and his arrogance, it would be Higuchi and his stupidity, non-purpose serial killing. Moreover, killing the agents is necessary, because it is a WAR between ONLY HIM+ DEATHNOTE vs the almost all international police agencies. As Raito himself said, "Winner is justice, Loser is evil". He lost, it's the only reason to call him "evil".

  • Light knew what would happen to him.

    People would probably say that Light killling innocents and people that were in his way was evil. But in his eyes those people are trying to stop him from correcting the world which was a pretty crappy place. Light himself knew that he would be corrupting his soul, he said it on the first episode. But like a true noble hero he decided that he would sacrifice his soul for the humanity. He took this upon himself because he really did want to create a better world. And he did, he killed many evil people. Unfortunately, he was out of control and had to be stopped at the end. So no he is not evil. Just corrupted by power like he expected to be,

  • Not Really Evil

    He was good from a utilitariam point of view, he decreased world crime rate by 70%, if murders decreased by the same rate, he actually saved more people than he killed, he killed around 360000, and using real world murder rate, he would save around 900000. I also dont think he changed in the end, he still didnt want to kill people who comited crimes without wanting it.

  • How is he evil?

    He stopped wars and reduced crime rate by 70%. Je probably saved more people than he killed and the ones he killed deserved it. There are a few who didn't like L, Kiyomi, Raye and the FBI, Naomi etc. The thing is that those people think he's a murderer and if what he's doing is murder(killing criminals) then what they are doing(catching criminals to kill them) is at lesst complicity to murder so all of them are evil too. And since they tried to him executed he kills them. That's called self-defense lol. The only thing that he had not done right was killing Kiyomi but then Mikami would have done it and...Well Mello was killed by a death note and randomly she's got a piece of it with his name on it. And she met with Light who already was very sispicous with no cameras installed so it won't be hard to find out who kira was.

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