Is Yuvlin festival a good thing or is as worst as crime

Asked by: Dol
  • Its a crime

    A dog cannot speak that doesn't mean that humans treat them any way they like, a dog should also get all the rights and respect as a human being. People in China celebrate yuvlin festival every year ,wherein they kill the dogs for their meal and most of the dogs are stolen from streets, pet house,and from their own owner,people just eat them as a dog meat ,whivh i think is absolutely unfair .How can person kill a voiceless animals? Its in injustive every animal has a right to live on earth that doesn't mean that i am against nonvegetarians, its natures law, but yes,animal rights are the only thing i want to aware people of

    Posted by: Dol
  • I'm not sure

    Which side I'm supposed to pick when the question has an "or" in it. Which am I saying yes to and which am I saying no to? Anyway...

    This festival is one of the most fucked up events on the entire planet. It being a recurring annual tradition only adds to that. Dogs are stolen from their homes, forced into cages with dozens of others where they can't even move, and then tortured to death (skinned and boiled alive). This needs to stop and anyone knowingly participating in these atrocities deserve nothing short of a long, excruciating death themselves.

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