ISIS destroying Syrian mummies: Will ISIS destroy nearly all ancient artifacts in Syria?

  • Yes, destruction is what they know best.

    ISIS will destroy all ancient artifacts in Syria and the Syrian mummies is just the beginning of more distraction. They are in particular targeting all the artifacts listed by UNESCO as world heritage, this is in a bit to to get back at the UN which they believe is authored by white people whom they despise so much.

  • Yes it will destroy everythine

    Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria continue their war on the region’s cultural heritage, attacking archaeological sites with bulldozers and explosives. ISIS controls large stretches of Syria, along with northern and western Iraq. There's little to stop its militants from plundering and destroying sites under their control in a region known as the cradle of civilization.

  • Yes, ISIS will destroy nearly all ancient artifacts in Syria.

    If the world does not stop ISIS, the terrorist group will destroy nearly all ancient artifacts and historical sites in Syria. ISIS considers these artifacts to be anti-Islamic; giving he terrorist group cause to destroy them. ISIS will destroy every ancient artifact that falls under its jurisdiction until the land it occupies is liberated.

  • Yes, the will.

    ISIS is a terrible organization that breeds hate and destruction where ever they go. It is likely they will continue to destroy ancient artifacts in Syria as long as they continue to terrorize the country and whatever people are still left living there. This will not end until ISIS is stopped.

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