• ISIS is losing

    ISIS is losing, with key figures recently killed. This includes a recruiter of children. The group has also lost large swaths of land in Iraq and Syria. The group has turned to traditional terrorist activity, such as suicide bombings. This reflects an act of desperation since it can no longer control land.

  • ISIS is not losing.

    ISIS is winning. They will not lose until someone gets serious about defeating them. We are fighting these monstrous excuses for human beings by playing whack a mole. The U.S. military has the capability to exterminate these rodents. The problem is we have become so afraid of collateral damage, an inescapable, unfortunate fact of war, that we are paralyzed into dealing with them like law enforcement instead of a military. That is the fault of the politicians, not the soldiers who are able and willing to do their duty.

  • No, ISIS is not losing because ISIS recruiter of children is killed.

    No, ISIS is not losing just because one ISIS recruiter is killed. Many members of ISIS believe it is an honor to be killed or die for their beliefs. Many members die daily and many innocent as well. One death will not stop ISIS and will not be considered a "loss".

  • ISIS recruiting children does not mean they are losing

    ISIS is a sick organization based on extremely delusional religious beliefs. These people are not recruiting children purely out of desperation; rather, they actually see such a behavior as justified. Surely they recruit children because they are easier to manipulate, but they do not see it as a sign of weakness.

  • ISIS continues to inspire attacks at a seemingly increasing rate.

    One only needs to look at the increase of ISIS-inspired attacks in 2016 to see that the group is still highly effective. The summer of 2016 alone has seen several high-profile attacks in Europe and the United States, including the execution of a French Catholic priest, the slaughter at a club in Orlando, Florida, and the murder of several people celebrating Bastille Day in France.

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