• Yes, because all scripture contradicts itself.

    When you read the various scriptures of the world's traditions and study them, as I have, you realize that there is inherent contradiction in all of them. One chapter says to be peaceful and the other says to make things right by any means even force. It's the divine/human component of all texts.

  • Yes, the Qur'an promotes both peace and violence.

    Yes, the Qur'an contradicts itself, because in some places, the Qur'an calls for peace, but in other places, the Qur'an calls for violence. In one place, the Qur'an says not to take another life. But in another place, the Qur'an says to slay people who do not convert to Islam. The Qur'an is contradictory, and it is hard to understand what the exact teachings are as they relate to violence.

  • Read it again this time with your eyes open mind open and soul open

    In no where does it say so in Islam please note that when you go into these topics sometimes these sort of questions especially this one lots of learned men would have discussed and debated (yes debated) and finally documented this. The modern day media has had truth twisted to the point that any terrorist is Muslim and any bomb is jihad. And that every arabic named of Muslim origin murderer is seen as the true and only follower of the religion. My dear brothers and sisters please check everything you hear

    Coming back on topic here is a website that clarifies the question :-
    This is a reliable website please check in such websites whether your internet sources are correct or not

    This was to clarify what the first two post said regarding the fact that islam is said to be peaceful yet at the same time urges you to be violent and kill people

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