• I don't get it

    People are always saying be a leader. We'll i think that thats a bunch of junk. Being a follower is way better. You don't have to come up with ideas. You could always depend on someone else doing the work for you giving you less things to worry about making you less stressed out.

  • Try to achieve a mindset of balance

    No one can simply be a leader or simply a follower. Your life is going to be made up of moments where you stepped up as a leader, or you consented to someone else's idea and followed it. But even while following, there's no need to feel a lack of confidence. Be who you are. Leaders sometimes need to follow, but someone with leadership will be able to observe situations in which something important needs to happen and be strong enough to get the job done. So don't charge ahead of everyone else. Be a team player. But don't be complacent and always try to grow. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to share your opinion and surround yourself with friends who support your ideas.

  • Be a leader or nothing!!!

    Everyone should build up a good personality.... Should learn how to stand up for themselves cuz no one's going to do it for you... From very young age people should learn to take responsibility.... By being a leader you not only build up your personality ,but you will also be recognized in the society as a great individual. You can build up your self confidence,as well...

  • Being a leader

    When you follow someone, it shows someone that you don’t have your own ideas. So that would create a rumor. And then you will have a bad reputation of following people. Being a leader is such a big deal to everyone because no one likes to be followed. I know I don’t like to be followed unless it is my brother or any other family member. That would show that they are looking up to you. Anyway, a stranger following you feels weird to me. They should be trying to be the leader. When someone sees you following someone, your personality to some people is garbage. People will think that you are stupid. I mean I would think that a person that follows people is stupid. The first thing I would think have when people follow people is that they don’t have their own ideas. That would create the feeling that the person that follows people is stupid.

  • Your Ability to lead

    I say being a leader or a follower depends on your abilities. Some people have the natural ability to be a legendary leader, imagine if some of the legendary leaders we all knew became followers? Who would take their place, and how would those decisions change the modern world you know?

  • Power and Responsibility

    We all have an ability to take control of our own fate and who what is right and good. With that power comes a responsibility to do so, and if it requires being a leader then it is a sacrifice we must be prepared to make for the good of all.

  • Leaders are in charge!

    Being a leader puts you in charge of the group. I would rather be a leader because I like responsibilities, and leaders have to endure many tough and serious situations that they are expected to overcome and lead the group out of. I think that leading is much better, and if I had to chose one over the other, I would certainly pick being a leader. Followers get no respect and all they do is follow the leader. That gives you no control, no power, and no authority! I want to give orders, not obey them! Go leaders!!!!

  • Always be a leader not a follower

    Being a Leader may have a ton of responsibilities but youre able to make your own choices and whether ppl wanna follow you or not it's their choice you know what's better for you a leader is a person you can look up to and go to for advice !

  • Follower is nothing in front of leader.

    Leader controls everything and follower cannot argue. Follower is like a tiny ant in-front of leader and if the follower argue's, anything bad can happen with the the follower. Leader's are responsible and they perform their duties with a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes i think that if a leader is bad and he is not caring about his followers so in that case it is better to be a follower.

  • Leadership Makes You Strong!

    When you are a leader you have to face a lot of difficulties but an other thing is that difficulties make you strong. When we face difficulties the next time we become confident and we perform better. Followers don't even get a chance. So it is correct that it is better to be a leader than a follower.

  • Being a follower ..

    Being a follower is more better as it will help us not to go on other track and there is a lot of risk in being a leader ... It will put a lot of pressure on you and maybe you'll go in depression so I suggest being a follower is better so live and let live ..

  • Be a follower first.

    There is no harm in being a follower when you are being led by a good leader. Everything in life should go step by step so if you are a follower first and then a leader you will always benefit more. Plus every leader is a follower of his own values and principles. Thus no one can boast that he/she is a leader but not a follower.

  • It is not better to be a leader than a follower because being a leader is a great pain.

    It's not about being a leader, it's about being who you are. A leader has to take up too much of the responsibility and if something goes wrong it is the leader who is blamed. So isn't it obvious that being a follower is far better than being a bossy leader.

  • Being a leader is a total headache!

    A leader always has tension and he has to attend the need concerns of his followers whereas a follower has no tension he always is calm he gives his suggestions and relax whereas a leader has to hear everybody's ideas implement them add subtract something and many more so I would always support a follower.

  • It is best to know when to lead and when to follow.

    If there is already a capable leader in place, sometimes the most effective and responsible thing to do is to support that leader rather than trying to take over their role. If everybody tried to lead, civilizations would crumble and societies would break apart.

  • Leading isn't a preferable position to following, because not all people are their best in this position, and circumstances dictate who is best for this role.

    While some people possess skills that help them to perform in leadership roles more effectively than others, other people are the most productive as followers. Mostly, circumstances that call for anyone taking a role of leadership are more aptly described as ones reflecting a moral or social responsibility scenario than any other situation.

    Posted by: BurlyWilburn77
  • I think both being a leader and being a follower have their unique advantages, since leaders make their own ways, but do so with much greater risk.

    I think that sometimes it is better to be a leader and, other times, it is better to be a follower. Leaders make their own way, but, as a result, they are also more responsible, and put themselves at a greater risk than followers, should something go wrong.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Sometimes it's better to not lead anyone.

    Being a leader basically means you want others to become followers and let you guide them down their paths. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be my own leader and let the others decide what is best for them or what fits their life.

  • Being a leader is impossible

    Being a leader puts you in charge of everyyyyything you dont have any free time you are always busy in the group work and if something goes wrong you are always blamed even if its not your fault. Trust me i am telling the truth. If your a follower you only have one responsibility which is to follow orders. I think it is better to be a follower

  • Being a leader

    When you are a leader you have to carry the weight of your entire team in your shoulders. Whereas following would mean you are abiding to the rules of your leader.The pressure will get the best of you unless your followers are supporting you and see you as a role model.Both being a leader and follower have their own benefits

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