Israel cuts water supplies to West Bank during Ramadan: Should other countries help Israel more with their water shortage problem?

  • Water shortage issues in Israel can be solved

    Ramadan is one of the biggest celebrations in the Muslim faith, but it has been tainted recently by the news that the West Bank is no longer receiving water from Israel. Other countries should do their part to help the ailing nation by contributing water supplies. This gesture will go a long way to helping Israel heal.

  • Developing Potable Water for Humanity Should be Global.

    Any country in the world has the right to have water for it's citizens to drink. It's beyond our man-made written justice system. It is a basic human right. While taken for granted by millions, water is still essential to bare minimal existence. As a whole, humanity needs to support each other without undue political interference in basic needs. Too much government control over water and food creates the need for the citizens to rebel against that which claims to protect them.

  • Other countries should help Israel

    While one country in the world is having a major water shortage crisis, other countries have plenty of water. I think it is the world's responsibility to step up and help Israel by transporting and providing this water to the people in need. What goes around comes around, and in an unpredictable world we should help whoever we can, whenever we can.

  • Yes, other countries should help Israel with their water shortage.

    Living in Israel already has enough security challenges without having to face a water-shortage alone. There are many countries that could provide Israel with water so that it does not have to cut the water supplies to the West Bank during Ramadan. This would ease some tensions between Israel and the Palestinians living in the West Bank. In short, yes, other countries need to supply Israel with some water.

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