Issac Newton called atheism "senseless" and warned against using the law of gravity to view the universe as a mere machine. Can science and religion co-exist?

Issac Newton called atheism "senseless" and warned against using the law of gravity to view the universe as a mere machine. Can science and religion co-exist?
  • Yes, science and religion can coexist

    Science and religion can coexist just like reason and religion can coexist. The two are not mutually exclusive, and it is impossible for even the most religious person to deny science completely. If anything, the two should not have anything to do with on another. Science is the study of natural phenomenon while religion deals with personal beliefs about morality.

  • Yes, the two can co-exist.

    Science and religion can co-exist. There are many scientist that believe in religion. Likewise, there are many religious leaders that believe science answers many questions about the universe too. The two groups do not have to be at odds with each other. For example, the Bible does not have to be taken literally to mean that the universe is only a few thousand years old.

  • Yes, science and religion can co-exist.

    Yes, I believe so. However, in order for that to happen, people need to be open-minded. They should look at both science and religion from different perspectives, including but not limited to their history, their development and their values. Religion provides people with peace of mind, knowing they are watched over by the One above. Science provides people with most updated knowledge. Say, you believe in religion, then God provides you with raw material, you need to utilize them well to make science as it is now.

  • Science and religion already co-exist

    I do believe science and religion can co-exist as I am a practicing Christian, however I view the world and it's events with a logical and scientific eye. Logically, I know that the Bible was written by man, so every word cannot be taken 100 percent literally. That being said, I see it as the greatest book ever written and it's teachings are invaluable in my life everyday.

  • Who uses this argument?

    This is complete nonsense if you ask me. I have yet to meet an atheist who claims God does not exist because the law of gravity disproves him. Anyway this is too broad of a question and it can't be answered correctly. I am pretty sure some subject of biology, some concepts of chemistry and some subjects in theoretical physics literally contradict some of what religion teaches. No matter how you put it, there is science that contradicts religion and since that it the case then they can't really mesh together until the contradictions and inconsistencies are removed.

    Science and religion can exist together but I do not believe that they can co-exist as some scientific concepts directly contradict some ideologies and concepts in religion.

  • Only if religion ceases to be religious

    People say religion and science ask different questions. I think that is silly. They ask all kinds of questions that are the same, and over thousands of years, Religion has been repeatedly forced to retreat from question after question.

    The Earth was at the center of the universe, until science asked the question and it wasn't.

    The Earth formed in 7 days. Until science showed that Earth formed after about 9 Billion Years in a no-Earth universe.

    Man was made by god. Until science showed that man evolved from apes.

    Religion can coexist with science so long as it is willing to retreat from every claim that it makes, once science demonstrates the implausibility of those claims. That has been the pattern, and God has relatively little to do any more. The very existence of a conscious god is scientifically ludicrous. And while scientists will acknowledge out of honesty that we never say we can affirmatively disprove god, that just makes the credibility of god existing precisely equal to the credibility of leprechauns and Poseidon existing.

    Many religious people interpret the entire Bible metaphorically, and that is perfectly reasonable. But if your religious beliefs have retreated to the point where your god is a metaphor, welcome to the Atheist team.

  • No, they are dichotomous.

    Religion and Science are diametrically opposed in one crucial respect: Faith. Where Reason requires an unbiased, critical (as much as possible) examination of the evidence, Faith is exactly the opposite. Faith is, definitionally, the suspension of Reason when accepting a proposition as true or likely true.

    Epistemically, this is an obstacle that has yet to be overcome when it comes down to the brass tacks of every Argument put forward for the validity of God claims. I suspect it is the realization of this axiomatic truth that is behind the numbers of Atheists in the Nation Academy of Sciences (90%), though the vast majority of even the Religious in the scientific community claim that their faith has no bearing on their science. It simply never factors in, as was the case for the famous exchange between Laplace and Napoleon; but rather than showing that they do indeed even now, coexist, I find this evidence that the two are mutually incompatible due to the epistemic conflict between them.

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