It is the 20th anniversary of the murder of Tupac Shakur. Will his case ever be solved?

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  • Tupac's murder will never be solved.

    Tupac Shakur's murder will never be solved for many reasons. He had known affiliations with gang members. While there is speculation that it may have been gang related, gang's have a code of silence. Any living member that may know something, has never spoken and will never speak. Other individuals with information have possibly been killed themselves already so they have taken their story to the grave.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    20 years on, with his murder still officially unsolved, the case has been left open for conspiracy theorists from around the world to ponder his fate.
    Of course, the most straightforward is that he is alive and living under an alias. This suggestion is supported by YouTube showing a figure with an uncannily similar face… and with a jacket that only went on sale in 2012.

  • The death of Tupac Shakur will never be solved.

    The death of Tupac Shakur will never be solved. As with most famous crimes in history, there will always be a conspiracy theory relating to it. Even if someone confesses one can never know for sure if their confession is true or for attention. Science can get so many answers, but there are something that science can not provide and time only washes away memories, not sharpens them.

  • We are on to other things

    There are many unsolved homicides in the United States. Tupac's homicide should not b given priority simply because he is famous. Law enforcement needs to prioritize work that keeps the public safe today. They shouldn't focus on solving age-old mysteries that happened a long time ago just because of a person's social standing.

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