It looks like Aetna quit Obamacare because Obama opposed their merger. Should Aetna be forced to explain their actions to Congress?

  • All Lagre Corporations Must Be Straightforward

    In the times that we live in, companies and major organizations have every right to refuse to be part of something that they don't agree with. However, those companies should be held liable for their actions and should have to explain why they are making certain decisions. We as a country need to be as informed as possible as to why certain things are happening, especially politically, with the current state of the election.

  • Aetna should explain their actions to Congress

    Aetna should be forced to explain why they will no longer participate in Obamacare. There is a report this is because the Obama administration did not support the company's merger with Humana. Although an insurance company is allowed to withdraw from a market, Aetna should be held accountable and bear the public shame.

  • Quitting a government program should require explanation

    Yes, Aetna should be forced to explain their actions to Congress. While Aetna is a private company, they were working with a government program and should be required to explain themselves. That doesn't necessarily mean a huge investigation or hearings, but a simple explanation in writing would be reasonable in this case.

  • No, Atena should not be forced to explain anything.

    Atena has the right to pull out of the Obamacare exchanges if the healthcare marketplace does not make since for the company's bottom line. Atena, like other major insurers, has faced steep losses from participating in the Obamacare exchanges. Therefore, Atena should not be forced to explain anything to Congress; this was a business decision.

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