It might rain liquid neon on Jupiter and snow diamonds on Neptune. Should we invest more in the space program?

  • Yes, we should.

    There is a great deal that we don't know about space. Learning about space is no only exciting, but it can help teach us about life and can improve our daily life here on earth. Humans were born to explore and test boundaries, and by exploring space we can fulfill that destiny.

  • More should be invested in the space program

    More money should be invested in the space program. However, only private dollars should be used. No tax payer money should be confiscated from hard-working people to pay for something as unknown is what is going on in faraway planets. We have far too many other concerns here at home.

  • We should invest more

    I strongly believe that we should make more investments in the space program. Countless technologies pioneered for use in space or for the space program have since trickled down into everyday use. Beyond these practical reasons it is also very important for us as a species to look outwards towards life elsewhere.

  • No, we have too many problems here on this planet to throw money into space exploration

    The only people who want more space exploration are those who would profit from the mining of minerals and resources from other planets. Most people would rather see that money put toward solving our own ecological problems to make the earth a viable place to live in the future. We have only begun to tap solar, wind and other energy technologies. We should invest in saving the world we have now, not stripping and destroying other planets as we have earth.

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