• I'm just saying

    With proper regulation and a better legal system. Prostitution can be safe and very profitable. New Zealand and most countries have already legalized prostitution. In my opinion It's a vice that needs strict oversight and regulation. We need a better society that's free and just. We don't need a government that infringes upon what consenting ADULTS want to do.

  • It will never

    I don't think it's impossible I just think it'll never happen. In Germany you actually get social security for being one. We all want sex, unfortunately everyone wants it to be easy. This business will never die, unless there is a fundamental revolution, I just don't see it happening. C

  • It is possible.

    Not in our current society though.

    However, such a thing is possible. Why do Women sell themselves? Money, if they had Money, they wouldn't sell themselves. Simple enough.

    Money is sadly the biggest influence over this, people force them for profit, or they are just trying to get by. If they had money to feed themselves then they wouldn't need to sell themselves.

  • The cost of a fund night out.

    It's all about money! When, in mankind's future there is total stability and everyone can eat and live good lives, there will be no need for prostitution. In the future sex may not even need to be the messy struggle that it (sometimes) appears to be today! It only exists because of the gaps between human desire and fulfilment.

  • Not with our society

    Regardless of legality or not there will always be a market for sex. In a society where everyone is sexualized it will always be desired, with or without advertising. Now that it has been introduced the desire and primal need for gratification sexually will always be around and unfortunately there are many people who cannot 'get any' without using money. It is also seen as a easier way to satisfaction without any strings attached. Plus there are business men who see it as an easy income.

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