Jake Paul should be banned from Youtube and any internet resources

  • Of course he should

    His reputation is far off a good role model. He also lies a lot about things like the assault story on his assistant. There's proof he's lying. And even in an alternate universe where he wasn't lying, he's assaulted people before so why should he even care about this. He's a hypocrite and is a bad person to be roaming on the internet.

  • Most Certainly !

    Just like many. I began to watch his videos because he was a rising internet star. I found some of his content amusing but like many internet stars they let the money and attention get to their heads. He has taken actions like setting items in his pool on fire and jumping on a news van and having a internet feud with his brother Logan be seen by his viewers. His behavior is being reciprocated by his viewers as they feel that if Jake does it so can they. Jake and Logan's fan base is mostly pre teens to some teens and let me tell you they swear more then a sailor just to defend someone who deserves to be taken off the internet because they are most definitely a terrible influence.

  • No, not banned...

    HE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED! This fucker has done so much shit thats illegal that he needs to go to jail, like seriously wtf. . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .

  • He should ban IMMEDIATELY.

    Jake Paul is not only a hater, but also as a racist, because his music video of "It's Everyday, Bro" lampoons and degrade other members. And with his subscribers continue to decline, it makes a very clear truth that Jake Paul is nothing but an Islamic terrorist and an extremist, like the former fashion model who quit and deleted her social media accounts for her own good. This has to stop!

  • YAS he has to

    He is an idiot risking him self to do stuff and also his brother is a good role model but still Jake himself should be banned hes a crazy man honesty even though he has 8 million on you tube who cares who agrees come on people he should agreed

  • Jake paul is the best u fucking ppl

    Jake paul is awesome he is the most best thing to ever happen to youtube i dont know why u ppl r so rude bitches why u think he should be banned idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bitches say no ppl wtf he is so lit bro its every day bro ppl vote for him to stay

  • I don't know much about him I just wanted a poll to answer

    Regardless of what a person does, I think it's extreme to ban them from all social media. I can understand getting kicked off of one website for violating it's terms of service, but no one should be removed from all social media because of an action in the REAL WORLD. The most extreme thing that could be done is a petition to remove his youtube videos or to remove all of his followers, as that has happened to others who've done wrong. I just think that this question is pretty extreme.

  • If you don't like the videos he puts out, then why watch it at all?

    I think that the fact that he does drastic things is not of the peoples business. He does have full control of his life and can do what he wants for "HIS" youtube videos. Calling him out for what he has done it not right. Have not learn not to judge someones life before knowing their story? Are we that low to understand where that person comes from? If you don't like to watch the things he does then you have control to click to another video. Why are you even watching it in the first place? Some people enjoy that videos, its disrespectful to judge what they like. If you don't like it then it doesn't mean you have to take it away from everyone else. I understand he has done lots of illegal stuff. But is it right to call him out and say how bad of a person he is? I mean he is human being, calling each other bad people is inhuman. Maybe its times to stop thinking about yourselves and think of what others or the you tuber feels and thinks. Understand him and his background. Don't destroy someones life just because you hate his videos. I know plenty youtubers who should get banned, Jake Paul may be extreme but i know many who are worst. So i say, why destroy someones life, if you don't have the courage to just click to another video and ignore it?

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