Japan is home to a 105-year-old sprinter and he hopes to race Usain Bolt one day. Would you watch the race if it raised money for charity?

  • Yes, I would watch the race.

    I did not have to think too hard at all before stating that I would most definitely watch a race involving a 105-year-old sprinter. While it is considered remarkable that some people live to be 105, I would find it captivating to watch someone of that age race whether the race raised money for charity or not!

  • Yes, I would watch the race if it raised money for charity.

    Yes, I would watch the 105 year old Japanese sprinter race the world's fastest man, and the pride of Jamaica, Usain Bolt. I think it's a briliant way to raise money for charity, and I feel like Usain Bolt is a good enough sport that he would participate willingly. I think many people from all over the world would tune in for this race, especially after watching the Summer Olympics this summer!

  • Yes, I would watch this race

    I believe that if this man wants to race Usain Bolt one day and that Bolt is agreeable to this race, it would be an amazing event. I do have concerns however, about the 105-year old man's general health and would want to know that he had received a medical examination prior to participating in the hypothetical race.

  • Yes, I would.

    If he does it, it will be fun and the charity will make a good pay day to help some poor village in some needy area they have.. and I am sure they would have a good turn out as well.. That our future for those who live to see that age

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