Japan launches 'space junk' collector: Should humans be responsible for cleaning up space?

  • We made it, we should clean it.

    Yes, we should be responsible for cleaning up space at least to the parts we have been to. There is so much debris from when we launch a rocket, Satellite, or a shuttle into space. Leaving the space junk there shouldn't be an option. Eventually its going to be so crowed that we wont be able to go father than our atmosphere.

  • Yes, the responsiblity of keeping space clean should fall on it's only known inhabitants, the human race.

    Yes, humans should be responsible for cleaning up space. Even though most of us do not leave this planet, we are still floating around in space. It is our environment and just like the Earth's environment, we should all be responsible for keeping it safe, clean, and habitable for our future generations. As far as we know, we are the only intelligent life in our universe which means that the responsibility for maintaining the universe falls on our shoulders. If we don't take care of it, no one will. As technology advances and space travel becomes commercially available, our future generations will benefit from the actions we take now to make sure that their environment here on Earth and all over our solar system and galaxy are well-preserved.

  • Yes, humans should clean up space.

    Derelict space junk can cause problems for consumers and astronauts. In the 1980s, the Space Shuttle Challenger was struck by space junk and damaged. No injuries occurred, but had it been a larger piece of debris it could have been a much more serious incident. A derelict Russian military satellite once hit a civilian satellite and disrupted cell phone coverage.

  • "Space" is worthless, all trash should be launched into it

    "outer space" as we know it is completely and totally worthless in and of itself... The only real potential lies in the PLANETS and STARS that are within this space.... "space" has no atmosphere, no ecosystem, no environment really to even speak of. Trash floating in open space can literally never have any effect on anything related to a planet or star. So actually, space should be our dumpster.. If our trash is not on our earth, it cant effect us, and that is a fact.

  • It's not a problem.

    There is not enough space junk to cause any lasting problem. Right now, space exploration is still in its infancy. It is far more important that countries be free to explore space in any way they can than it is to worry about what they are leaving behind. Cleaning up will be a luxury in the future.

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