Jehovah's Witnesses destroyed an ancient indigenous temple in Mexico. Does religion promote hatred?

  • Yes, religion can promote hatred.

    History has repeatedly shown that horrible things can be done in the name of religion. The crusades are a perfect example of this. Christians marched to the Holy Land with the intent of killing the muslims who inhabited Jerusalem. Terrorist in the Middle East today are another example of how religion can cause hatred.

  • Facts- There are none.

    I have A LOT of experience with witnesses world wide. Please 1: explain to me the facts of the case 2: please provide proof this are REAL WITNESSES AND HAVE NOT BEEN EXCOMMUNICATED 3: Explain what they possibly could have gained from this. It makes absolutely no sense what so ever. It follows nothing in their teaching, which is bare bones, BASIC, UNCHANGED following of the Bible (New World Translation and Greek scriptures).

  • No, religion does not promote hatred.

    The world's major religions represent the belief systems their adherents hold about God and an afterlife. It does not promote hatred. Rather, some individuals who are followers of different religions may feel hatred towards different groups on their own and act on that hatred. However, the actions of a few are not indicative of the whole or of the religion itself.

  • No, not necessarily.

    Religion is just a belief system that different people interpret differently. Some people are hateful, so they use their religion to justify their hatred. I don't think that people are hateful solely because of their religion. There is probably some degree of dislike between members of different religions; that's human nature. However, "hatred" would be a strong word for that.

  • No, taking divine justice in your own hands would be really bad, considering god is supposed to do all the "dirty work" once the world ends.

    I know that not all Jehovah's Witnesses is used a lot around here, and it's very easy to disregard it considering the recent events. But I honestly think it's really sensationalizing the religion aspect because it'll get more views. This really could apply to any aspect if Christianity. devil bad, god good. but it makes it so much juicier if you call it a violent "cult". It's a stupid sect and there are many things that I hate about it, but I specifically remember that violence and any sort of conflict with anti-Christians, in general, are to be avoided. That's why they don't go to war or get involved with politics.

    You're just supposed to annoy people on Saturday mornings, shun family members who don't follow the faith, not celebrate "pagan" holidays or birthdays, and not take blood transfusions because blood is sacred or something. But taking divine justice in your own hands would be really bad, considering god is supposed to do all the "dirty work" once the world ends.

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