Jennifer Aniston is fed up with body shaming. Should news media be less scrutinizing of celebrity figures?

  • Unless you can get PEOPLE to be less scrutinizing of celebrity figures...

    Body shaming is bad.

    Destroying freedom of speech is worse.

    Basically, we are looking at a situation where people say judgmental things about everything in the media. This is their right to do so, and people eat it up in droves.

    Would I love to see a day where the average person doesn't give a damn about what which celebrity was wearing on the red carpet? Definitely. Am I willing to steal people's free speech to do so...? Definitely not.

  • Yes, the media should be less scrutinizing.

    One of the reasons why women and little girls are so body conscious is because of the way the media treats women's bodies. Anorexia, bulimia, and other body dysmorpia disorders are on the rise, and by spending less time shaming the bodies of celebrities, the media could help combat this problem.

  • Jenn is Marie Antoinette.

    She had her cake and now says we can't have any?! Jennifer Aniston is a B level actress, who's greatest role was to be THE hot girl. She played this role well and WAS the hot girl. Now, as she ages and, as all human beings, her body is not what it once was, she all of a sudden is sick of body shaming? If she had said this when she was 22 years old, it had any weight. Now, she has zero credability, as she used her own body to carve out a Hollywood career and the associated fame and fortune.

  • The media can report whatever it wants.

    I think Jennifer Aniston's criticism is pretty disingenuous, because she became famous in large part due to her appearance. It's simply a fact that TV and movie viewers would rather see attractive people on screen; this isn't a media creation. Celebrities get rich because of the same media attention they complain about.

  • It comes with the job.

    In general, I think that our society should stop being so obsessed with appearance. We should not be judging others regarding how they look. However, I don't have much sympathy for celebrities who complain about this. They chose to use their bodies to make millions of dollars, so scrutiny comes with the territory.

  • No, that how they make money.

    The media will always scrutinize celebrity figures, that is how they earn viewership, they give the audience what they want. As for Jennifer Aniston, she should just relax and all will be fine, once one becomes a celebrity, such scrutiny is bound to happen at one time or the other. She should develop a thick skin.

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