Jessie Nizewitz sues: If you appear on dating naked, is it fair to complain when your censor fails?

  • Big Corporations should be accountable, like the rest of us.

    Contracts should be upheld by the people who create them, especially since they are written to protect and favor the company who drafted it in the first place. The rich, the famous and the powerful should have to honor their contracts, especially one they designed and forced all the contestants to sign. The contestants have to honor the terms and will be held accountable, so it is fair that VH1 should be responsible and own their mistake. Our society is no longer a society that keeps their word or displays good character. People now revel in what they can get away with and brag about it. No one cares about ethics anymore. We live in a sue crazy country and so many illegitimate cases have contributed to the damaging of our economy. People should be cautious about law suits. People should take the factors surrounding their personal situations into sober consideration and it is commendable in my opinion forgive grievances where one is wronged by mistake or innocent circumstances, out of the control of the accused. That said, it is hard to feel sorry for VHI. This discrepancy not being caught before being aired had to get past several people and perhaps was even a publicity or ratings ploy. Ignorant people who say you can't sue because you have bad morals anyway for doing the show, you knew what you were getting into, or some other attack on the contestant, true or not are just showing how dumbed down our society is as well. What does any of that have to do with the law and honoring a contract? I hope they were fined for a network infringement. I don't feel sorry for the contestant but she has a fair case.

  • There is a contract here, legality must be considered.

    I think if you take your clothes of on television, you're probably an idiot. That being said, if she signed that obligatory contract you sign when they want your permission to put you on TV, then that has to be a factor. If you signed said contract and it clearly stated that your parts would be covered once the footage was aired, and they weren't, then the contract wasn't followed and you have every legal right to sue. It's important than when you enter into a contract with someone that it is upheld to the letter, even a stupid one like this. Because if this one is not upheld, then it leaves my loan agreement, or rental agreement, or ANY other contract vulnerable.

  • Naked Dating is a Record Show

    It would be one thing if the censor failed during a live broadcast. People move quickly and unpredictably so a censor could easily become misplaced. But the Dating Naked show is pre-recorded. It is inexcusable for VH1 to have such poor quality assurance in place that this goes unnoticed. Indeed, it is likely the case that VH1 missed the censor intentionally as a way to generate media coverage for their reality TV show. If such intentions are found to be true, Jessie Nizewitz definitely has a fair complaint.

  • You are Fair Game

    If you are going to be on a show of this nature & you are naked in front of the camera crew & the producers that were egging her on including the censors that blur said body parts, what is so embarrassing about the rest of the country seeing you naked. Anytime you take off your clothes before cameras be prepared for a possible error by the censors in doing their job. Noone is totally infallible. Mistakes are made. She set herself up believing people that run a show like that are telling you the absolute truth when they believe sincerely that this won't happen but sadly it can. If she felt that should something went wrong she would be embarrassed by showing her nudity on TV then don't go on a show that you are totally nude on. Spare me, she is due what they paid her to be on the show & maybe throw in a little more since she probably raised the viewership by bringing this mistake to light for the entire world to view instead of the few viewers who watched the segment. Who wants to watch a show where the people are nude but they blur all the good stuff anyway. You watch a show that they show all the nudity not blurred nudity.

  • Dating Naked Censors

    No you chose to go somewhere and be filmed butt naked. Nobody made you do it. Nobody made you take off your clothes in front of a camera. You knew it would be on television. If the censors failed you have no right to complain. You should have known better.

  • No, reality star emptor

    No one asks anyone to run around without underwear. The fact that a censor blur failed to protect someone from their own decision to not wear panties is a ludicrous reason to sue. Was she really hurt by this or by her decision to take her clothes off in front of a camera?

  • No it is not

    You should know what you are getting into when you appear on this show. I mean you are dating someone and you are doing it naked, how can you complain when someone sees your private parts. So there is no reason to get upset when a censor fails. This is just crazy!

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