Jesus, God in bodily form, said he didn't know the day/hour (Mark 13:32). Given that, was Jesus really omniscient (all knowing)?

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  • Misleading Quotation from Mark

    Firstly, that particular verse is taken out of context. It does not refer to the time on Earth (as in, the day/hour format of time we know of). The quotation from Mark 13:32 is from a larger section of text where Jesus discusses the exact time and date that the end of days will begin.

    Mark 13:32 specifically states that Jesus, as the Son in the Holy Trinity does not know this exact date/time that God will begin the end of days (i.E. What Revelations describes). He states that only the Father knows this date ahead of time.

    Jesus is omniscient, as far as we are able to tell, in all other matters. There are many other times in the Bible that shows that Jesus had knowledge of events in the future or of other human beings' thoughts that no regular person would have (such as in Matthew 16 when he predicts his death, or in John 4 when he knows specific details about the Samaritan woman's life).

    Now, it is unknown whether this omniscience comes from God the Father or from the simple fact that he was the Son of the Trinity, but the fact that he was omniscient is undeniable.

  • Divinity and Humanity

    Jesus, being both fully man and fully God, has a dual nature. His human nature is susceptible to human experiences like pain, hunger, and lack of knowledge. However, His godly nature, or the part of Him that is the Son, is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent just as the God the Father is. It's complicated.

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