JFK's Santa letter: Would the White House reward kids, like Michelle Rochon, who put attention to their environment condition?

  • Yes, it does.

    Michelle Rochon asked an important question, that did not really get an the answer that she deserved. But by asking the question and getting a reply she brought an important environmental issue to many people who might otherwise not have worried about the implications of testing nuclear bombs at the North Pole.

  • Yes, yes they should

    Yes, I believe they should be rewarded. I feel like it will make the next generation more knowledgeable about environmental issues and also give them a goal to work towards. If we do everything for our kids they will never learn how to be independent, and will never learn their power in making a change for not only their generation but also for the next generation. If it takes an award to bring awareness then we do what it takes.

  • Probably it would

    It depends on who's in the White House, but one of the humanitarian things a leader can do is calm fears. We live in a different world than the time of that Santa Letter, but it's always good to remind people, especially children to hope and believe in good things.

  • The White house does not need to reward kids for putting attention to environment issues and condition.

    I do not think the White house should have to reward kids who show interest about the environment. In today's world with social media and the "me" generation with everyone only thinking about themselves and their latest selfie the last thing we should do is encourage our children to do good or be caring simply because they will be rewarded or get notoriety after all this is their world and their environment and if neglected or abused we all will not have a planet to call home in years to come. So let's teach our children to take care of "their" world without any rewards in the process just as we teach them to take care of themselves.

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