Jimmy Walker and Jason Day are competing in the PGA Championship. Will golf ever gain the popularity of baseball?

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  • Golf Is Not That Popular

    Golf is not very popular to begin with. Baseball is America's favorite pasttime and there is not really any sport that can touch that title. Golf is just not that entertaining to most people. It is an acquired taste when it comes to sports. No one knows any famous golf players except maybe Tiger Woods.

  • No, golf will never be as popular as baseball.

    Although golf is a popular spectator sport, it lacks the traditions that make baseball the national past-time. Families and individuals go to baseball stadiums to experience not only the game but the food, crowd interaction, and team spirit of baseball. Golf has a comparatively small group of live spectators, requires the spectators to follow the players from hole to hole, and requires silence during plays - not exactly a fun family atmosphere.

  • No, golf is still an elitist sport that is expensive to play.

    Golf will never become as popular as baseball as it is not a sport that is accessible to youngsters. Any kid can pick up a baseball bat and glove and learn to play at the local park. However, if a kid wants to learn to play golf, his parents need to pay out for proper clubs and, if he is going to learn on a proper course, green fees and club membership.

  • Unfortunately, golf will not surpass baseball in a popularity contest.

    Peanuts, crackerjacks, and strikeouts, the game of baseball is the ultimate American sport. With its popularity beginning in the 1900's, America's favorite pastime has great memories for all of us. Americans seem to be drawn to the sport of baseball for the dynamic atmosphere and fierce competitiveness. Golf, a slower paced sport, has attracted fans, but it does not hold the attention and memories that baseball does for us.

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