Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack: Should the attacker receive the death penalty?

  • Shooting attack killed Jo Cox, MP, and justice should be served

    Britain was rocked by the news that beloved MP had been shot and stabbed in a brutal attack. Justice should be meted out in the form of assigning the death penalty to her assassin. He does not deserve the luxury of life if he took it away from someone else.

  • Jo Cox's attacker should receive the death penalty

    Jo Cox's attacker should receive the death penalty if, and only if, the act was intentional or merely reckless. If the act was negligent, accidental, or otherwise not intentional, then the death penalty should not apply in this case. The law is a difficult thing to understand. People often react with knee-jerk reactions.

  • Death Penalty for Attacker

    The attacker should receive the death penalty for the crime that he committed. It doesn't matter what your party affiliation is, or if you disagree on another persons stance, anyone who would have the audacity to take the life of another human being should have to suffer the harshest consequence. A woman is dead, a family has lost their loved one. Why should the person who robbed MP Cox of her life be allowed to keep his?

  • The attacker should not receive the death penalty.

    I do not believe in the death penalty. I do not believe that people should pass judgment on other people regarding whether they should live or die. That being said, shooters should receive the harshest punishment. I believe they should be sentenced to multiple lifetimes in prison for their crimes.

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