Joe Hill concealed he was Stephen King's son. Do you think being the offspring of someone famous can be a disadvantage?

  • Yes it has its disadvanages.

    I do agree that being the offspring of a celebrity can have its disadvantages. The number one disadvantage would be trying to live a quiet or unassuming lifestyle. As a child of a celebrity the person would be constantly under the microscope of the media or paparazzi and that could prove tiring and dangerous.

  • The offspring of the famous often struggle

    Joe Hill stayed anonymous for a long time before finally revealing that he is related to the famous horror novelist Stephen King. I think he was right to keep his identity secret: the children of famous parents are in the spotlight much more than other kids are, so they have to deal with both public scrutiny and criticism. By concealing his identity, Joe Hill managed to avoid this.

  • Yes, in some ways being a famous person's child can be a disadvantage.

    Yes, there are certain ways being the child of someone faces could actually be a disadvantage. People may expect you to introduce them to your famous parent, or to give them insider information. It could also cast a shadow over the person's own accomplishments as people make expectations for them based on their parent.

  • He looks just like him

    First of all, how did we fall for that one. He looks just like Stephen King. I don't see how it would be a disadvantage to be someone famous' kid, other than the high expectations. He really could sit and enjoy his dad's money and live a posh life but he has chosen not to. Now that it has been revealed that he is his son, i guarantee good fortune will rain down on him.

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