John Cena holds the record for most Make A Wish wishes granted: Should other celebrities be more active in charity work?

  • Celebrities need to understand that to whom much is given, much is expected.

    Celebrities are paid thousands or even millions of dollars for just making appearances. Therefore, it is quite unsettling to see that these people who make so much money do not see their role in giving back to those in need. It is refreshing to see celebrities like John Cena who recognize and act on their power to help others. Everyone, not just celebrities, needs to contribute to charity work in their own capacity. More often than not, however, celebrities give proportionally less to those in need than people who make well under a million dollars a year. Change needs to happen and celebrities need to utilize their immense power to give back.

  • Pay it forward

    No one has to do charity work, but it's a great example when people realize it's rewarding to help others and to share some of the benefits they have. I can't even comprehend how much money some of these people make, and while it's totally their choice, from a religious, karmic or just moral aspect, helping others can only bring good to others and to the donors themselves.

  • Charity work has be something you want to do

    Kudos to John Cena for being so active in the Make A Wish Foundation. It is absurd to consider forcing or shaming other celebrities to doing more charity work. For all those that garner headlines, there are countless that do good works without cameras and press around. And if a person, celebrity or not, just prefers to keep to themselves, that is their choice.

  • Other celebrities do not need to be more active in charity work.

    Other celebrities do not need to be more active in charity work. An inclination towards community service stems from within and should not depend on what other people are doing or not doing. Engaging in charity work for the purpose of "matching" other celebrities or having the best record for contributions or time given does not reflect altruistic intentions on serving those in need. Celebrities, like every citizen in society, should only engage in charity work if they have a personal, meaningful connection to the work rather than being influenced by an external motive.

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