John Hinckley Jr. soon to be released from prison: should he be freed?

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  • Should not be released.

    When he shot at President Ronald Reagan and others he wanted to kill.
    No one died right away but he destroyed several lives. He took away the quality of life of everyone he hit. Their lives were never the same.
    There are family members who may still be in Harms way with him lose in the world. He doe not deserve freedom .

  • John Hinckley Jr. should stay in jail

    John Hinckley Jr. is best known as the man who attempted to kill President Ronald Reagan in the eighties. Now, it has been revealed that he will be released from prison. I think he should remain jailed: a would-be assassin like that has no place in a stable society like the one we attempt to create.

  • John Hinckly Jr. should not be released

    John Hinkley Jr. should not be granted his freedom after his attempted assassination on President Reagan. He also caused the terrible suffering and ultimate death of James Brady. These crimes are too heinous for someone to be given his freedom. Psychological evaluations are also an imprecise science and there is not guarantee he will not be a danger to the community.

  • No he should not be freed.

    There are certain people in this world who need to be locked up in prison for the rest of their life. Some crimes are so bad, some actions are so crazy, that we should not allow them in to society. This doesn't mean we leave them to rot, human rights is important, but for the sake of society John Hinckley Jr. and others like him should stay in prison.

  • No, John Hinckley Jr. should not be released

    John Hinckley Jr. was convicted of attempted assassination of a President and should remain in prison. He lost his rights to freedom with the attempt to kill a president and although his mental illness was a factor, he does not deserve to have a normal life. He should remain in prison with limited visits to family.

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