John Kerry, Secretary of State: Was John Kerry really smarter than George W. Bush?

  • Yes John Kerry was smarter

    George W.Bush made to many errors in his job to be smarter than John Kerry. Plus his average during his first three years at Yale was 77 while John Kerry his freshman-year average was a 71, but he improved to an 81 average in his senior year. He never received an "A" during his time at Yale; his
    highest grade was an 89. Which is alot better than George.

  • Yes, John Kerry was of superior intelligence.

    John Kerry,the secretary of state, in my opinion, was smarter than President George W. Bush. Mr. John Kerry acted much more professional in his field and made many more valid points than Bush. Kerry seemed to take his work more serious than Bush, and that alone can contribute to his superior intelligence.

  • No, John Kerry is unprincipled.

    John Kerry's hubris and lack of principles gets him into trouble and leaves him without any intellectual backbone. Reliance upon principled thinking acknowledges the limitations of our reason and information in a complex world. It gave Bush the foresight to seek reform of FANNIE and FREDDIE in 2005 which might have averted the 2008 crisis, and the backbone to trust his judgement when he made the unpoplular decision to go forward with the surge in Iraq. Meanwhile, flipflopping Kerry was for the war before he was against it.

  • I'm afraid our top diplomat is a dunce

    John Kerry has really been a terrible Secretary of State. Of recent note, his actions in Egypt to bring peace between Israel and Gaza have backfired horribly, especially considering Hamas' stated goal of "death to all Jews" and asking the Israeli Delegation to meet them half-way. In fact, Mister Kerry has mishandled practically every foreign crisis yet, even doing a worse job than Hillary did.

  • Inteligence is relative.

    The actions of these men, and any resulting judgements on their intelligence are not clear indicators of actual ability. There is no scientifically accepted way to accurately and fully measure intellegence. The tests that are used, are widely contested among academics to this day. Definitively neither man is more intelligent, on occasion they both displayed reactions that could be considered "smart".

  • No, they were the same

    John Kerry was equally as smart, or dumb, as George W. Bush. The fact of the matter is that they're both politicians, they both do exactly what they need to do to get elected. Neither of them are any smarter than the other, Bush just had a better team and more luck.

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