Journalists Backing Out from Rio: Would the Zika virus keep you from the Olympics?

  • Yes it would if my health as in danger.

    Depending on my current health and future plans to bring children into the world, i would most likely decide to skip the Olympics either as an athlete or a reporter. Nothing can replace the health one has and with the unknowns surrounding the Zika virus t would be prudent to pass on the Olympics.

  • Yes, the Olympics should be moved.

    Yes, I would not travel to Rio after news of the Zika virus spreading around through mosquito contact across Brazil. The olympics will draw millions of people into Brazil, almost certainly increasing drastically the odds of the disease spreading rapidly among the crowds. This is a terrible idea, and will only result in hundreds of thousands getting ill. The olympics needs to be moved.

  • No, there are adequate protection

    Avoiding a place just because you might pick up a sickness while there is a paranoid reaction that must be avoided. While Zika virus can be dangerous there is a plethora of literature out that suggests it is not dangerous to everyone but only specific types of people. Most of the journalists or competitors going to Rio for the Olympics do not meet the criteria. Additionally, there has been plenty of literature set out on how to protect yourself from the virus. Taking precautions is absolutely necessary but avoiding Rio altogether is unnecessary.

  • If it were JUST the Zika virus it wouldn't keep me out of the Olympics

    If it were Just minor accounts of the Zika virus, it wouldn't keep me out of the summer Olympics. However, I think more time should have been spent looking into the environmental conditions of Rio prior to making the decision of letting it host the Olympics. As a follower of professional triathlons, there have been several reports of athletes getting sick from conducting swim practices off Rio's coast. Even swallowing small traces of water from the swim has had significant impacts on their health and has led to hospitalization.
    Additionally, if you look at some of the water issues Rio has faced in recent years, clearly they have problems with contaminated water. I think those issues on top of the Zika virus make me think this may not the be the best choice of a location to hold the summer Olympics. Perhaps the next time the Olympic Committee picks a location for the summer games environmental matters will be taken into greater consideration.

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