Judge grants John Hinckley Jr. his freedom decades after Reagan assassination attempt. Was this the right call?

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  • John Hinkley Jr. should not be granted his freedom

    John Hinkley Jr. should not be granted his freedom after his attempted assassination on President Reagan. He also caused the terrible suffering and ultimate death of James Brady. These crimes are too heinous for someone to be given his freedom. Psychological evaluations are also an imprecise science and there is not guarantee he will not be a danger to the community.

  • He should be in jail.

    Anyone who tries to assassinate a United States President, former or current, should be in jail forever. There really is no excuse for setting him free. Until we develop mind reading where a person's thoughts are as clear as day, criminals such as Hinckley Jr. need to be locked up for the nation's safety,

  • Hinckley Doesn't Deserve Freedom

    Anyone who attempts to assassinate a president is not sane and is a danger to society. He does not deserve to be released back into society. He should be kept locked up for life to ensure the safety of future presidents and all citizens. This is not a criminal who can be reformed.

  • John Hinckley Jr. should remain jailed

    John Hinckley Jr. is best known for attempting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan back in the eighties. Now, a judge has granted Hinckley his freedom. This was the wrong call: someone who tried to kill a president should remain behind bars instead of being allowed to wander freely in the streets.

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