Judge Judy recently renewed her contract for a large amount: Is CBS getting their money's worth?

  • Yes, CBS is getting its money's worth with Judge Judy and her large contract.

    Yes, CBS is getting its money's worth by signing a new contract with Judge Judy. She is very popular and has lasting power. Even though she may command a huge salary, CBS is able to recoup her salary and more through advertisers who show commercials during the hour her show is on each day.

  • Yes, they are getting thier money's worth.

    Judge Judy is a very popular show that many people watch. It has millions of viewers each and every day, and generates millions of dollars in advertising money for the network. Other than the cost of Judge Judy's salary, there are very few costs associated with the show, making it profitable.

  • Judge Judy is a household name and has earned her worth

    Yes, Judge Judy has been in the media for years. She is the most popular court room judge in television. The ratings of nationally syndicated reality show Judge Judy are high, She consistently delights audiences with her no-nonsense wisecracking approach to the small claims cases she presides over. In being so, she should be well rewarded. CBS is getting their money's worth because there is no one else like Judge Judy. On average, there are 10.3 million viewers a week tuning in to watch Judge Judy.

  • No, CBS is not getting their money's worth because Judge Judy is becoming less relevant as an entertainment option.

    No, renewing Judge Judy's contract is not a wise move for CBS when they can be creating and airing shows that are fresher, more entertaining and more relevant. Judge Judy has been on television for many years and the form of entertainment she provides is becoming less engaging. Viewers are ready for something different.

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