June 9 is National Best Friends Day: Should more people dedicate an entire day to their best friend?

  • Yes, it's a lovng tradition.

    Our friends are the best resources we have. People with close friendships report higher levels of satisfaction and better health. They live longer than people who are lonely. Setting aside a day for celebrating your friends is a great way to let them know how valued they are and why they are important parts of our lives.

  • We should do this anyway

    We rarely have enough time to devote an entire day to one person, but we should keep them in our thoughts and reach out to them on an almost daily, if not daily basis. I know who my best friend is, and she knows I would do anything for her. We don't need a day set aside to tell us that.

  • National Best Friend Day is a waste of time

    National Best Friend Day is a waste of time and is nothing more than another Hallmark type money making scheme, just like Sweetest Day. Time for this goofy nonsense of instituting national days to go away for good. Celebrate your friends on your own. No need for a national day.

  • No, because people should not feel they have to take just one day out to celebrate that.

    No, people shouldn't take an entire day for celebrating a best friend. If a person's best friend is that important to them then they shouldn't wait for a certain day to make it known. People should celebrate their friend as often as they want. A lot of things can happen by the time that one day comes along. People could have a falling out and no longer be best friends. Why wait for that one day each year to dedicate or celebrate. Spend time with them when every you want. By doing so, if there is any kind of issue, then it can be possibly worked out. And if not then they won't feel obligated to have to be around each other if they had previously made plans plans on that one day.

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