• Junk food should be banned from schools.

    With junk food you may not see the effects at a young age, but what I notice is that our bodies become use to getting junk food until we end up wanting it when we get older and it's not good for us. It can cause diabetics, high blood pressure, high cholesterol , etc. I think that the schools should give the children healthy nutritious meals, because they don't know every students family history or backgrounds.

  • In Public Schools

    Why should my tax dollars go towards substandard food for children instead of good food? I'm not opposed to allowing students to bring their own including junk food but the cafeteria and vending machines should not be serving it. And I'm for the government leaving people alone and making their own lifestyle choices, it's just that in this case it's about public facilities and public funds.

  • Junk food = junk minds

    Junk food should be banned at schools because junk food does not provide students with proper nutrients that are found in healthful foods such as fruits and vegetables. Junk food merely gives students a sugar high, and then accompanied by a 'low'. Healthy food keeps you fuller for longer meaning students are more likely to focus in class.

  • Junk food affects the ability to learn.

    The chemicals in junk food react with the brain and affects a child's ability to concentrate, pay attention, remember and learn. It can also have a dramatic affect on children's behavior causing problems of aggressiveness, defiance, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

    Junk food can also flare up existing medical conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, eczema and hay fever.

    Not only this, our current generation of children have very poor diets and have the most weight problems in history.

  • Yes it should

    I think that it has been shown through quite a few studies and what have you that American children are becoming overweight and obese at a very alarming rate. We need to do everything in our power to stem the tide of fat kids that is washing over our lands.

  • The childhood obesity

    Every kid will suffer through obesity because the junk food got into their mind and taste buds which is causing them to always wanting more and more. Once get enough they go through obesity which is hard to deal with. Especially me. I used to eat a lot of junk food: chips, pizza, cup noodles, ramen. I suffered through child obesity and I don't want to let children make the same mistake again.

  • Junk food should be banned from school

    Because it is not healthy.Also it is not good for your age any age to eat a lot of junk food. You should not eat a lot of junkfood.It is not healthy.It should not be geven in school. That is why i think that it should be banned in schhool .

  • Should not be banned

    Cause kids need treats, also junk food provides job opportunities. In addition, junk food can save time and is convenient for parents who don't have lots of time to spend on their own kids. Plus, do kids really want junk food to be banned? It's so yummy. He he he

  • Students need treats

    Students have too much pressure at school and home and should be treated once in a while. I wholeheartedly and passionately disagree that junk should be band at school. This is a serious happiness and well-being issue.Students should be able to go to school and be happy of what they got

  • Junk food should be banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Health risk to children who consume more junk food would be live problems. Our liver is there to filter the food which we consume. If more food is consumed the liver will have a problem to filter the chemicals present in the junk food. After a while the liver won't take in anymore and it might trigger lives failure.

  • Nanny State Alert!

    Imagine... a world where the country controls what you eat, where you eat it, how much you eat, and when you can eat it. If a government has that much power, it has too much power. It can easily squirm its way over to every other part of our lives.

  • Everyone wants freedom!

    Why should junk food be banned?
    No one likes to be told what to eat, when to eat, what they must/mustn't eat.
    We like to choose what we eat, and we like our freedom, our independence.
    Also, if it was banned, children wouldn't be able to learn hat junk food is bad. Once they get out of school, they find that junk food is not banned outside school, and hey start eating it.
    And what's the point of banning it in schools if you can always get it at home?

    Freedom is a right. Everybody deserves it. Even children. That's why we should be allowed to choose what we eat, and why junk food should be allowed.

    Posted by: ivy
  • No junk food should not be banned.

    Opinions on what is considered junk vary from family to family. Some families think that fruits are a healthy food, but other view them as simply a source of unnecessary carbohydrates that can spike blood sugar. Consider what McDonald's is doing to offer a “healthy alternative” to french fries in happy meals: offering a sliced apple with a caramel dipping sauce. This is packed with sugar designed to produce a craving in the children for McDonald's food, yet enough people would recognize this as healthy. What we really need to do is provide a range of alternatives for students to choose from to further empower the family to make choices.

  • Junk food should not be banned!

    Who wants to be controlled at all times and given no freedom? No one wants to be old when they can eat and what they can eat and that they must eat nothing other than what they are told to eat. Everyone wants to be free, and they should. It's a right that people deserve - freedom.

  • NO. Eating junk food is a choice

    >Junk foods should not be banned in the market and also in schools!!! All they're considering is that junk foods can harm our health, not thinking that it is the consumer who abuses the consumption of this food. If they get sick don't blame junk foods but blame the ones who eats too much of it....

  • Perssuite of happiness

    I think junk food should not be banned because we are saving money and time. God wants us to enjoy life and and sent us on a mission for the pursuit of happiness and at the same time still believing in him. Follow his rules, have fun with life, and don't sin and you have an assured pass to heaven.

  • On junk food should not be banned because people are save the time

    The people work on the job ,male and female cooking at home then they makingthe food costly so they go to market then bring the junk food. When mostly people are like the junk food .New ganeration not eating the simple food ,children like the junk food in my cases

  • Bacon is god

    We need bacon it is so good and you are going to go to hell if you ban it. Also bacon is a form of god and we need to honor god by eating him so we cant ban him. Jesus also liked bacon for sure so we should all eat it as well

  • Junk food woulda not be banned

    Because people can eat what they want because it is their own choice and it can let out the depreciation and it could give you energy soyo7 can pay attention during class and it is you way of life if you want to eat junk food you can go ahead don’t let anyone say you should not eat junk food it is their way of life.

  • It's great for everyone

    If the students aren’t finding the offerings to their liking, then we're not really meeting that goal of having them choose healthier foods.
    And even though DeBell said they would try to keep a variety of healthy items in the vending machines (like a healthy ice cream sandwich), they also want to avoid candy, chips and soda (things that teens would want to purchase).

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Anonymous says2013-05-26T01:56:09.857
Junk food is really good for our brains and our stomachs it helps us breathe and digest foods easer