• I'm not a supporter, but I don't hate because he exists.

    Look.... The amount of hate for him has gone way to far. I could understand it to some extent like he's annoying at times, he's done some stupid decisions, and his music isn't that great, but that doesn't mean he should die! Seriously, has he truly done major harm to society as a whole. Honestly, he's probably not the only person that acts or makes decisions like him. He can be a pain in the neck yes, but is truly as evil as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Osama? Honestly, if you say yes to that, you're crazy!!

  • This is ridiculous.

    People are saying how he should 'go to hell' or to 'go and die'. What actually gives you the right to say that? Fair enough, he's not the most innocent person in the world, but that doesn't mean he should die. I find this especially disgusting since he's so young. Way before he caused drama, he was still being called 'gay' or 'ugly' and sometimes people were telling him to catch cancer. You've obviously got nothing better to do. He was even ranked more hated than murderers who don't even show remorse. How sick can you get? This is something I do feel strongly about. It's the same with other celebrities like Miley Cyrus. GIVE HIM A BREAK.

  • He's human too.

    He also made mistakes and he learn from that. I think he surrounded by so much people that have 'bad' personality and they persuade him. He's actually a very kind and inspiring person but society around him changed his personality. And oh also most of the time media always talk about bad side of him and ignore his great side. Sooooooooo i think if you want to blame him, you have to analize first is your opinion true or not , think twice. If you said that he can't sing, im LAUGHING OUT LOUD at your opinion bc he got LOTS of AWARDS BECAUSE OF HIS VOICE, PERFORMANCE AND whatever like that. So think twice before you want to blame him bc you're not better than him.

  • Cause i hate him

    He is a big imbecile and nobody actually likes him cause he's a girl.He doesn't know how to sing properly.The girls who really like him is because of the stupidity they have in themselves.He's a very "handsome" for the girls who like him but for me he is ugly and remember i am also a girl

  • No no no no no no no no no no

    NO NO NO NO NO NO beibers music sucks, his attitude sucks and his face sucks too. He's a gay hobo and he started all these silly "bad boy" antics to stay relevant (hes a bad role model for kids). He lost his hot girlfriend too. What a loser. Enough said.

  • No no no

    He has turned into a nightmare, and yet still, people ACTUALLY like him? I just don't understand. This kid is just a spoiled brat and does not deserve this kind of fame. He is so rude and he does not really care about anybody anymore. At first he was just annoying, now he is a jerk.

  • He's never gonna change.

    He's been this "bad-boy" rebel for a while now. He said it himself that he wants to defy the rules and live on his own "way". Anyone who says that we are not better than him is most likely wrong. I don't know anybody who breaks as nearly as many laws as he does. Also, his voice is not meant to go down in history. I personally look down on him as a person. If you are as ignorant as Justin, you deserve all the hate you get, because YOU are a horrible, stupid person.

  • No, just no.

    This is a statement proposed as a question. I'm assuming you mean if we support Justin and his music or not. I personally don't mind his music, his music isn't THAT harmful. But him, the person himself, is inappropriate and just plain rude. Who spits on their fans? Like, i think from the young age of being famous got to his head. All the money and fame now to him is like a joke. I'll be there to laugh when he loses his fame and fortune and no one will support him. He's a terrible person because of the fame.

  • Haters are a problem?

    1. I don't think anyone used the word hate. Hate and "dislike enough to to kill" are totally different :)
    2. I think a bigger problem in this world is idiots like Justin Bieber running amok. They display an example of irresponsible behavior to young adults. He also spreads crappy messages through his songs.
    3. Most of the people who like Justin are either Deaf or trolling.
    4. I honestly see nothing to be gained from arguing about whether or not slugs are good or not.
    5. Hi sweety :) I'm single.
    6. I dated a belieber once. She's my new ex.
    7. Photoshop abs on a loser and change his voice with a computer and Bam, you have a new Justin Bieber!

  • What in the world?

    If this really a question? I'm going to assume you're asking whether we support him or like his music, in that case both answers would be "No." This douche-pickle got into trouble for speeding illegally and drug possession, amongst other crimes. Not saying he is a bad person, but all that rap music he was consuming was making him feel like a bad-ass, acting as though he is above the law. Glad this punk's out of the spotlight... For now.

    Posted by: S.K

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