Justin Bieber involved in altercation with fan after a basketball game: Is he destined to retain his troublemaker reputation?

  • Yes, I believe that Justin Bieber is destined to retain his troublemaker reputation.

    Yes, I believe that Justin Bieber is destined to retain his troublemaker reputation because there are constantly reports of him getting into different altercations on a weekly basis. Justin Bieber needs to do a better job of controlling his emotions and not acting irrationally and surround himself with people that stay away from bad situations.

  • Justin Bieber is destined to retain his troublemaker reputation.

    Justin Bieber's continuous violence is yet another sign that the singer has not changed his ways. Although he has been desperately trying to change his bad boy image, his actions have shown otherwise. At this point, it is safe to say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

  • He is immature

    Justin Bieber is extremely erratic and immature. He somehow can't stop finding trouble. He took a swing at the huge guy who could have killed him with one punch. It was just not a smart thing to do. It's almost like he's trying to stay relevant. He's going to stay a troublemaker until he starts acting like a grownup.

  • Getting into a fight does not provide enough reason.

    Justin getting into an altercation is not enough a reason to say he will go back to his trouble maker ways. I don't think one can say that his altercation was in a trouble maker sense because I feel like people fight for many honorable reasons. One that fights for his partner I would say does not classify the person as a trouble maker, but i'm pretty sure that's not the case of Justin, but we still don't know. However, judging from his comment consisting of him saying he won't take picture with fans because he feels like he's been abused, is him being sentimental, so I feel like it would be something in the sense of him not controlling his emotions. And someone that does not control his emotions does not classify him as a trouble maker, because again someone may defend his partner if she was being sexually made fun of, and out of his emotions he fights the offender, which I would say is just.

    Posted by: SJM
  • Many celebrities go through tough times

    There are many celebrities, especially those that were younger when they attained their fame, that go through rebellious rough patches. Just because Justin Bieber is having a hard time behaving properly now, doesn't mean that he is destined to be that way forever. People grow up, mature, and change their ways.

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