Justin Trudeau has no Interest in importing the French burkini ban. Should France drop its burkini ban?

  • The ban is ridiculous

    Picking out one particular garment and saying that it represents a security risk is ridiculous on its face. There is no evidence that women wearing burkinis have anything other than modesty, and that does not translate to threat against the state. It is a shame that France has targeted an entire religion this way.

  • What does a ban serve?

    What possible purpose can it serve to ban a burkini other than to codify racism and bigotry? It simply should not matter what one wears to the beach, and that what you do wear has meaning for your religion should render it even less an issue for public debate. What would the reaction be if the state of New Jersey banned on gaudy gold chained crosses from the beach?

  • Yes, it is a rights violation.

    Yes, France should drop its ban on the burkini. It is a religious rights violation, and a very specific one at that. It is very random. Why not ban yarmulkes? Or crosses? Or scarves worn by women in cathedrals? See, it's very illogical to ban one specific religious item while allowing all the others.

  • Yes, France needs to drop its burkini ban as soon as possible.

    France needs to drop the burkini ban for the rest of the world is currently looking at the stance France has taken and is for the most part in opposition to the controversial ban. Furthermore, it can be assumed that if France does not drop the ban that hostilities and hateful sentiments can follow from the Muslim people.

  • No , France doesn't need to drop it's burkini ban .

    France its just trying to protect there people from any danger . France could make up any laws that they want . Like for example in different countries you have to dress a certain way or your going to get in trouble. So its France choice and people need to respect that . Plus, I don't see any nuns at a beach dressing full clothing on . Also , the Muslims shouldn't feel disrespected because France is the only place that you have to dress a certain way .

  • No , France shouldn't drop burkini

    France doesn't need to drop burkini . The reason I say this is because they are trying to protect there people from danger . Plus when we go to another country we have to dress certain way so we won't get in trouble but if we don't follow that then we are breaking their law . Plus , I haven't seen nuns dressed all covered . People should just follow the laws on how to dress in certain country .

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