Kaine: Nixon had higher ethical standard than Trump. Should Trump have gone to jail for his past business practices?

  • Trump's past lawsuits need to be revealed to the people.

    I did a little reading on small business owners who unsuccessfully sued Trump in the past and I was shocked at what they had to go through. No matter if Trump won or lost the lawsuit, the small business owners lost out because Trump would file bankruptcy. Kaine is right in his assessment, now the people need to see the court documents to really believe what Trump is.

  • Trump is unethical regardless of whether legal charges were filed.

    Donald Trump has likely acted in very unethical ways during all of his years as a business man. I seriously doubt that we know even a fraction of what he has done and the way he has treated others. I can't say whether his actions were illegal, or whether charges should have been filed, but I think the important thing is that we find out this information about him and make sure it is well publicized before the election. The public needs to know how he treats others and what he has done in the name of greed. This is important information to know regarding a presidential candidate.

  • No, Trump should not have gone to jail for his past business practices.

    No, Trump should not have gone to jail for his past business practices. Although he did many things that were likely unfavorable to the general public, he does not need to go to jail for what he did. Although he is rude, offensive, and racist, he doesn't need to be in jail for that.

  • I'm not sure

    I'm pretty sure Trump has skirted the law and used some shady business practices to his financial benefit. He's obviously not vetted his campaign people or many of his employees. He's pretty clearly engaged in discriminatory housing practices as well. Some of those may warrant legal consequences., but i'm not sure if that would be jail time or fines.

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