Kangaroo culling in Australia: Is Kangaroo over-population a problem to Australian society in general?

  • I think we should cull the kangaroos to 15 million

    In Mary Gilmore there is to many kangaroos and there is over 47 million kangaroos in Australia well that's what the Guvernment of Australia said I think they should make a choice were we make a fence and put ten kangaroos in the fenced off area in a week have a look in there yard if the grass is flat cull them if it's still long then leave them be and people probably think I am defending kangaroos I am not I think it's fare if we do this and have a place fenced off we're there's a lot of plants with other animals and see the difference that's what I think

  • Yes, culling is necessary and humane

    Overpopulation of kangaroos is not only a problem for biodiversity, but it is humane for kangaroos in the long run. Once levels of kangaroos reach 'crash point' they often die in the hundreds by starvation and parasites. Now that is cruel. Culling kangaroos in family groups by a professional sharpshooter is the best way to go.

  • Kangaroos are a problem

    While kangaroos are native Australian animals and a key Australian icon, they can cause damage to the Australian environment. When the kangaroo population is too large, they eat and trample too much bush-land, meaning that other native species of flora and fauna face extinction. Kangaroo culling is done in a humane way and does not make kangaroos endangered.

  • Yes, kangaroos can cause harm.

    Yes, kangaroo over-population is a problem to Australian society, because too many kangaroos can cause a great deal of problems. Kangaroos can migrate to places where people live. This can cause accidents with vehicles. It can also cause kangaroos to eat from gardens, or even transmit diseases. Professionals should be allowed to control the kangaroo population.

  • Kangaroo in the Suburbs

    On 2 occasions recently narrowly avoided hitting big kangaroo's in Northside Brisbane. The kangaroo population is continually growing due to it having no real predator. The harvesting program is something I would rather see instead of culling. This program evaluates how many kangaroo's are out there and allows a percentage to be harvested.

  • Kangaroo Over-populated Problem

    The over-population of kangaroos in Australian is a problem not easily solved. Culling of the Kangaroos is a social problem that is under much debate. In general, having to choose how to control the overpopulation of Kangaroos is a problem that the Australian populace continually has to deal with .

  • Kangaroos aren't hurting us

    Kangaroos aren't the ones hurting us, it is our problem that they eat our crops. We need to provide food to the gentle creatures, if they knew it was wrong they would stop, but they don't know and they are running out of food. Help the fight for kangaroos. Sincerely mia

  • Kangaroos are NOT ever-populated

    A few years back I drove all the way from Melbourne to Lake Eyre and the only Kangaroos I saw outside of protected areas were dead on the side of the road. Kangaroos are not over-populated. It is a huge lie. The Kangaroo meat industry is killing them for profit.

  • No- they are a NATIVE species

    Humans are over populated & infringing on not just kangaroo but other wildlife habitat as well.
    As for livestock grazing- animals such as cows & sheep are INTRODUCED animals & are taking up land that is meant for native species.
    If you really care about ALL ANIMAL CRUELTY & love all animals then the best way to avoid cruelty is to go vegetarian.
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  • No, people are the problem

    Human over-population is a problem. Stop destroying the kangaroos' home and they won't cause a problem; if you don't agree, move back to Britain or whatever European country you came from. Kangaroos were here first and there was no problem then. And as Bart Simpson said, you can all eat my shorts.

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