Kasich refuses to support Trump: Should other leaders in the Republican Party refuse to support the bombastic businessman for president?

  • It is a moral choice

    Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton said that not supporting Donald Trump is no longer a political choice, but it is a moral choice. Trump's racist rhetoric and his reckless political plans are in no way a representation of the ideals of the Republican Party. He does not stand for America, he only stands for himself.

  • Yes, a choice between a megalomaniac narcissist and the Antichrist, both of whom want to rule the world. Next option please.

    The Republicans have been playing on prejudices for almost eight years now. They coined the take back our country, the other, not one of us, doesn't understand American values. Now they have a monster who instead of using coded language decided on crude, lewd, crass, overtly racist statements...If the GOP was serous they should have started speaking out before states starting voting, now it likely to be... TOO little TOO late

  • The Republican Refusal to Support Trump

    John Kasich is just many of the republicans who refuse to support or be affiliated with Donald Trump. They cite Trumps dangerous rhetoric, blatant racism, his lack of information on key topics, his lack of an agenda and of course his full-scale war on anyone who criticizes him as their reasoning behind it. These representatives all state that Trump does not embody the Republican party and if he is placed in the highest position of power, the country will suffer because of it. Trump is dangerous to the United States and to the dealings that the US has with the rest of the world.

  • They should support who their people want them to support.

    If a majority of Republicans in Ohio support Donald Trump then John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, is obligated to support Donald Trump no matter how much he may dislike him and his policies. Other leaders, if their people support Donald Trump, should also support Donald Trump despite how they may feel about him.

  • The Republican Party should support Donald Trump

    The fact that John Kasich refuses to support Trump should be cast aside and the GOP should carry out the people's will and support Donald Trump. The GOP must carry out the will of the people, As it clearly supports Donald Trump based on the primary vote. Do the will of the people, or resign.

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