Ken Griffey Jr. got emotional while giving his hall of fame speech. Would he be the all-time HR king if he stayed healthy?

  • Yes he would

    Ken Griffey Jr. got emotional while giving his hall of fame speech. He would be the all-time HR king if he stayed healthy. A good diet and regular exercise is key to a substantial and long life. Our role models should promote the same so younger generations have something worth while to look up to.

  • I think so

    With his skills and his drive, if he had stayed healthy, who knows what Ken Griffey Jr. could have done. After 22 seasons and 630 home runs, he's accomplished pretty much. I think there's a good chance that he have would been one of the all time HR leaders period.

  • No, to achieve inhuman feats requires the most humble sense of humanity

    Ken Griffey Jr. got very emotional during his hall of fame speech because he was the best. A person that achieves that level of success in a sport and doesn't weep at the realization of his impact and legacy has essentially achieved nothing at all. The reason Griffey Jr. wouldn't be the greatest if he had held his composure the whole way through is because he wouldn't have achieved it without that humble mindset. After the speech he read a text from his son that simply said he loved him, which caused him to again erupt into tears, further supporting his purely human side to such an inhuman feat.

  • It is doubtful that Ken Griffey Jr. would have broken Barry Bonds' homerun record even if he had remained healthy.

    Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the greatest home run hitters of all time, but his hitting had declined to an extent before his injury plagued years from 2002-2004. In that time, he missed 260 games and would have needed 133 home runs to beat the record set by Bonds. Since his performance had declined, it is certainly possible, but not likely that he would have been able to homer at least once in every other game to reach the 763 needed to break the record set by Bonds.

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