Kendall Jenner arrived in Paris, and the press covered what she was wearing. Do Americans pay too much attention to celebrities?

  • There are far more important things to focus our attention on.

    I believe that Americans pay far too much attention to celebrities. Such a massive culture has developed around where celebrities are going, who they are dating and what they are wearing. This devotion to following their daily lives consumes time and energy that could be much better allocated to social and political issues.

  • Yes, Americans delve too far into the lives of celebrities.

    Yes, Americans are far too enamored with celebrities and their opulent lifestyles. The fascination is more than wanting to live vicariously through their grand lives. They have an expectation to know the gossip about those with celebrity status. Lives have been lost and threatened because of intrusive behaviors of the media because their audience always wants to know what their favorite actor, singer or athlete is up to in their private life. Their addiction of celebrity fascination would better be served in a multitude of other ways that would prove more productive.

  • Yes, Americans pay too much attention to celebrities.

    Many Americans pay too much attention to the lives of celebrities. The entertainment industry does a good job of marketing celebrities to consumers by pushing so much media coverage of them. What Kendall Jenner wore when she arrived in Paris is not news worthy, and should not be covered so intently. However, many people are fascinated by celebrities and want to know everything about their lives.

  • They are a source of entertainment

    Celebrities are merely a source of entertainment for people to watch and follow. They offer us an escape from our own mundane lives, and give us a glimpse at glamour and high-style. If we didn't pay attention to celebrities, they wouldn't tend to exist, and therefore we would have little entertainment.

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