Kentucky governor: Patriots may need to shed blood to "reclaim" the U.S. if Clinton wins. Should he be jailed for treason?

  • Kentucky governor should be jailed for treason

    The Kentucky governor should be jailed for treason based on his remarks about Hillary Clinton. He stated that patriots may need to shed blood in order to "reclaim" the United States in the event Clinton wins. He is calling on people to violently overthrow the government should Hillary Clinton gain the presidency. This is treasonous talk.

  • Not uless he acts to make his words come true

    What he said is deplorable, un-American and probably going to incite violence, but he has the right to say stupid things. Saying that she should be killed and actually attempting to do it are different things. Although it's reprehensible, it's not a treasonous act until he actually plans or does something. Then he should absolutely be arrested.

  • No he shouldn't

    Matt Bevin recently was quoted "Patriots may need to shed blood to reclaim the United States if Hilary Clinton wins". I do not believe that he should be jailed for treason, that would be taking things too far. He is entitled to his own opinion, even if it does incite hatred - otherwise Trump would be in jail!

  • Rights to free speech should not be hindered even in political spotlights.

    As a governor, you are held in higher esteem and your opinion is viewed and critiqued by the public. This position means influence in the world of politics. Whether someone with this opinion holds a position in office should not mean their 1st Amendment Rights are terminated. To allow unbiased views of others in office would be the wiser choice, legally he has a right to make this opinion known.

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