Khizr Khan challenges Donald Trump to take a naturalization test. Do you think Trump could pass the test?

  • Yes, he could pass the test.

    Yes, Trump could pass the naturalization test, but only if he took it seriously. First off, the test questions and acceptable (recommended) answers are provided on the government's website for immigration. He is certainly educated enough to memorize 100 questions or at least the 60% requirement for passage. If he did not study the guide provided by the government, then it's less clear. The questions are very vague and specific answers are expected, so I would venture to guess most citizens would struggle with some of the questions and the subjective answers expected by the testing officials.

  • Donald Trump could not pass a naturalization test

    No, Donald Trump could not pass a naturalization test. His whole life things have been handed to him. He claims to have worked hard for what he has, but everything he has would not have been possible without the privileged lifestyle he was born into. He often makes statements contrary to the Constitution and has no experience in politics. This shows how out of touch he is with what it is like to be an average citizen of the United States and his lack of experience when it comes to the laws of the land.

  • No, Trump could not pass the test.

    Donald Trump would not likely pass a naturalization test. Every naturalized United States citizen must pass this test before becoming a citizen. Trump has been very critical of immigration throughout his campaign. Many times, people like Trump that often make the loudest noise over some type of complaint are often guilty of the same thing. In other words, Trump is accusing immigrants of not sharing American values, when the reality is that Trump does not really share American values himself.

  • No, that test is hard

    As an American, I'm going to admit that I cannot possibly pass the naturalization test. I am a somewhat intelligent college student, a US veteran and a proud American, yet I cannot pass it. Do I think the 75 year old, ignorant-on-all-issues-except-that-he-must-be-right Trump could pass the test? Absolutely not. He would fail it.

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