Kimberly Bryant and Black Girls Code: Will this have a positive effect on the future of technology?

  • Yes, diversity brings positive change

    Yes, in teaching and promoting Black Girls Code, brings different minds, different cultures and different ways of thinking into technology. It has been proven that diversity raises the level thinking in a working environment. It helps with both identifying potential issues as well as problem solving. Currently, the majority of coders are white men. Bringing African-American women to the technology table can only broaden the thinking around technology.

  • Yes it will.

    I think Black Girls Code will have a very positive effect on the future of technology. Kimberly Bryant has created a much needed avenue of learning for young women who due to different circumstances would never get the opportunity to study and persue a career in programming and coding. Kimberly Bryant has opened the doors to so many young people out there and may have even opened the doors to the next Steve Jobs.

  • Kimberly Bryant moves technology in a positive direction

    Currently, there are far fewer people of color studying and working in the rich and rewarding career of technology. Kimberly Bryant and her Black Girls Code works to introduce programming and technology to a new generation of coders. These young people of color have a great deal to contribute to science and the future with their involvement.

  • Yes it will

    It will have a positive effect for all girls and girls of color. Women struggle to gain a foothold in STEM fields and any encouragement for girls to experience and gain an entree to STEM programs is a positive. Pretty much all fields in research/education can benefit from more gender and ethnic diversity. Who knows what girls will invent?

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