Korea, US agree to deploy THAAD on Korean Peninsula: Does more need to be done to North Korea to protect other nations?

  • Yes, more could be done to protect North Korea.

    Yes, I agree that more needs to be done to protect North Korea from other nations. I say this because more could always be done to protect others. Allies protect each other and I believe the alliance between the United States and North Korea is very beneficial. However, more could always be done.

  • Yes, more needs to be done.

    North Korea, in particualar, the dictator Kim Jung Un is a major threat, both to the world at large and the millions of innocent Koreans living within the country's borders. More needs to be done to stop this threat and stop the dictatorship that is the North Korean goverment, and end the tyranny.

  • Yes, more should be done to protect nations from North Korea.

    North Korea poses a serious threat to its neighbors, and even the United States. Therefore, the United States and South Korea need an effective missile defense system to protect against potential nuclear attacks by North Korea. However, a missile defense system alone is not enough. There should be some type of offensive military deterrent that would stop North Korea from wanting to attack another country.

  • US is taking all precautionary measures

    I believe when you are up against the threat of a long-range missile strike, very little can be done to protect against the worst case scenario. The US is fully aware of North Korea's continued weapons testing and is taking large precautionary measures. I believe North Korea has proved they are going to act irrationally. Peace talks won't help and North Korea does not respect laws. There is very little that can be done other than what has already been done.

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