Korean Orphans Re-united after Decades: Should they have been kept together?

  • Yes, they should have.

    The people we grow up with and are related to are what make us who we are. Seperating us from those people can cause us undue harm and undue trama, which is something that could have been prevented if the Korean orphans had been kept together and had not been seperated.

  • Separation from siblings often adds to tragic life for orphans

    The two orphaned sisters who were separated decades ago in South Korea already faced many tragedies in their lives. Every possible effort should have been made to keep them together. The joy they felt when reunited shows how much having that love and support from one another throughout their lives could have helped them.

  • I believe the orphans should have been kept together.

    Although it is not always possible, I believe everything should be done to keep orphan siblings together. It is good to hear the two Korean orphans are being reunited but a better effort should be made to keep children in situations like these together as a family. It will result in less emotional pain and grief.

  • Yes, probably so.

    Yes, I think they should have stayed together. Orphans should stay together as much as possible. It probably makes them more secure when they have family members that they can communicate with and go through their struggles with. Yes, orphans should always stay together. That builds their self-esteem and gives them a sense of family.

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