Kristin Armstrong won a gold medal at the age of 42. Will this help break down age discrimination?

  • Age discrimination at the Olympics quickly becoming a thing of the past

    Michael Phelps returned to the pool after announcing his retirement. A woman from Uzbekistan competed in gymnastics at 41. Now, Kristin Armstrong is the latest name on the list after coming out of retirement and cycling her way towards gold. These athletes have proven that age discrimination has no bearing in the face of athletic ability.

  • Yes, it could.

    Younger people have historically done better at athletic events, especially when it comes to preforming at a world class level. But with good genes, healthy diets, and good training it is possible to maintain this level of athletism much longer. By being the face of older athletes she can help end age discrimination.

  • Yes, An Older American Winning a Gold Can Help End Age Discrimination

    An older American women winning a gold medal in the Olympics can help end age discrimination as it shows that age does not always stop people from achieving their goals, and it shows that older Americans are just as capable of doing things. This could affect other disciplines in the Olympics, as well as careers back in America.

  • No, age discrimination is here to stay

    Regardless of age, race, job preference, or place in society, you will be judged. This has been going on since the beginning of time, and it will continue on until the end of time. Age discrimination is merely one of the factors used to categorize and stereotype folks that are different than you and I.

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