Kurdish Group claims responsibility for Istanbul attack: Is Turkey now an unsafe place to visit due to terrorism?

  • Istanbul attack should make tourists think twice before visiting Turkey

    The Turkish capital of Istanbul was rocked by a deadly terrorist attack, for which a Kurdish group has now claimed responsibility. The rich cultural history of Turkey has made it a popular tourist destination for years, but it's time to reconsider traveling there for reasons of personal safety. No one wants to risk experiencing a terrorist incident during their vacation.

  • Terrorism has become a serious threat in the area

    Due to the recent conflicts in the Syrian War crisis, the region has become vastly destabilized. A large amount of migrants pour through Turkey and Greece in order to reach asylum in European countries. The problem with European unrestricted immigration policy is that most of the immigrants it accepts are not war refugees, and are not even Syrian. The lack and poor quality of background checks have made the entire continent be at risk of an infiltration by a terrorist group. As can be observed by recent disasters in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Cologne, etc. If anything travel around the countries of the EU and the Middle East should be proceeded with extreme caution.

  • No, Turkey is still safe.

    I do disagree with the statement that Turkey is no longer a safe country to travel to an visit. While the region has deteriorated significantly. Turkey has continued to advance and is by and large the most western country in the middle east. Turkey also has the baking on the US government and our military if needed.

  • Turkey is still a relatively safe place to visit.

    Though the news coverage of recent terrorist attacks might be unnerving to potential visitors, Turkey is still a relatively safe place to visit as long as travelers use caution. Isolated terrorist attacks have occurred in Europe in the past several decades, and travelers are still not deterred from visiting London, Paris, and other major European hubs. Istanbul's closer proximity to the Middle East might make it seem less safe than other European destinations, but unless violence in the area increases, Turkey is no less safe to visit than other countries. Travelers should, however, stay away from highly charged political events and rallies.

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