• Yes, they will likely get back together when they are ready.

    Yes, I think that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney will get back together when the time is right. Lady Gaga has said that they are soulmates. If that is the case, then they'll return to each other at some point in the future. Perhaps they're just not ready for such an intense, committed relationship at this time.

  • No, celebritiess are only loyal to their careers.

    Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are celebrities before anything else. I believe they will not be getting back together. I believe celebrities tend to date people who make their careers look good. USA Today reports that the couple had been together for 5 years before breaking up. In the past 5 years Lady Gaga's popularity has been fading. She will likely date someone who is more popularity so that she can stay relevant.

  • No, they will not.

    People do not usually break off engagements unless a serious rift has occurred. I do not believe they will get bake together because both of them seem very serious about the split and have very good reasons for not wanting to be together anymore. They fight too much to get back together.

  • No, that unlikely.

    Celebrities are very funny people and trying to understand them is a task on its own. Their are relationships are purely based on their celebrity status and nothing else. That spark fades with no time and reality dawns on them that it takes more than they think. So for this i will call it a gone case.

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